Signs That You’re in a Slump

Look, it happens to the best of us. It’s perfectly normal. It’s The Slump. Be it the classic sophomore-slump or a plain old mid-semester-slump, pretty much everyone, at some point in school, starts to feel like no matter how much (or, let’s be real with ourselves, how little) they try  — they’re getting literally nothing done. The Slump is a lot more common than you’d think. Here are some common symptoms to watch out for:

  1. You watch the clock more than you watch the lecture.

  2.  You insist that coffee and double chocolate muffins will keep you awake and give you energy, so you proceed to spend almost all your points at the Blue Room. They’re just so worth it!

  3. Taking just a tiny cat nap in the Rock’s Absolute Quiet Room sounds a little too inviting.

  4. You do a daily hover over the “drop” button on Courses@Brown and have considered dropping literally every class you’re currently taking, in addition to any classes you’ve already dropped.

  5. You desperately search for loopholes to switch your class to S/NC after the deadline.

  6. You change your classes for next semester/career goals/complete life plans every day.

  7. You’ve even started procrastinating your procrastinating. You were planning on binging a show before/in place of writing your essay, but now for some reason you’re just mindlessly refreshing the same websites before/in place of Netflix.

  8. Yesterday you sat staring at your homework for hours on end. That’s it. Just staring.

  9. Everything just feels a little bit more tiring than usual. That may have something to do with you getting five hours of sleep every night for the past five weeks, but your guess is as good as mine.


But folks, please note: if your Slump symptoms persist, consider reaching out to someone to discuss them more in-depth. Talk to people you trust. And consider reaching out to your friends as well — chances are, they’re also probably feeling a little slumped too. We could all use some support in this mid-semester stretch.


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