Pre-Registration for Dummies

A How-To for Those who Have No Clue What They’re Doing

Step 1: Put off doing actual homework by scouring the hundreds of course offerings on C@B for way longer than necessary.

Step 2: Get so over-excited about every class you read about that you consider changing your concentration.

Step 3: Finally craft your perfect cart, and then redo it a few (read: several) times after realizing that the classes you picked are at the same time. Then redo it again after seeing all your top picks are capped and filled. Choose your next top five.

Step 4: Set numerous alarms the night before your pre-registration date so you feel refreshed and ready at 8 am.

Step 5: Sleep through most of your alarms, but somehow manage to shuffle to your computer just in time for the fateful moment. Quickly go to the registration page linked on C@B.

Step 6: Once the clock switches from 7:59 to 8, immediately slam down and click on the “Register Cart” button as quickly as humanly possible.

Step 7: Try not to panic if the site crashes or if you don’t get into the classes you wanted to. Suddenly remember that this is more of a problem for future, spring-semester you, and present day, stressed-out, fall-semester you can now peacefully go back to sleep.

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