The Fall of Fall

If you’re anything like me, you’re trying to hold on to these last days of autumn. You find yourself Snapchatting trees that stop you in your tracks, or picking leaves up off of the sidewalk to press into your journal. Your walks have gotten longer as your fingers have gotten colder and your sneakers are always crunching through the fallen heroes of the season.

What’s that? That’s just me? You, like, actually do your homework?

Visit the library?


Okay, well you’ll be feeling this autumnal nostalgia soon enough when the temperature drops below zero and the world is colorless and bleak. While most of the leaves have lost their luster, some remain.

To capture these the last of this season, I got out my angstiest camera lens and went for a nice little wander throughout campus ~a le flâneur. Fortunately, the sky was especially dismal for me to capture this deeply poetic season for your sadboi viewing pleasure (read: my self-gratification). I encourage you to track down each of these trees and sit under them for a while until you encounter some deep enlightenment or freeze to death — whichever comes first.

Without further ado or anymore obnoxious clichés, I present to you mediocre photos of trees:

These pure #nofilter trees truly capture the beauty of Ruth Simmons. Sit under them while wearing a scarf and reading Dostoyevski, and Brown’s camera guy will definitely put you in a brochure.

Look at this little walk way between Sayles and Saloman. Just look at it. Now pretend it is the aisle through which you will walk to meet the love of your life. Say your vows. Shed a single tear. Okay, now stop and get to class. You’re late.


Pembroke is usually a haven for picturesque fall trees to take photos under to prove to relatives that you’re having a #great time at college (lookin’ at you, first-years). Unfortunately by the time it took me to like actually take these photos (this was due two weeks ago), most of the leaves fell. BU,T there’s a nice little garden behind Smitty B that presents one the perfect opportunity for voyeurism AND it features this perky little tree.


If you look closely at the windows of this house somewhere on the north side of Brown Street, you can see the scared face of an inhabitant wondering if they should call 911 because some creepy kid is taking a photo of their house with a big camera.


Ah, yes… the Providence Peeper is back once again to capture photos of peoples’ private property. But look at this contrast! Do you think Better Homes and Gardens would hire me? Do you think anyone would hire me? Please? PLEASE?


If you’re wondering why this photo is especially blurry, it’s because someone passed me while I was taking it and looked deeply concerned so I swiveled around super nonchalantly. Just because I am was literally wearing a trench coat and a baseball cap while taking photos doesn’t mean I’m a creep, people. It was almost raining!


Did I actually peek through a hedge to snap this pic? Yes. Was it worth it? You tell me. Or the family I undoubtedly frightened.


Look at the size of these leaves! Okay, you can’t actually tell because of this ridiculously artsy angle, but they’re the size of your face. I swear.

A few days before this photo was taken, I was walking home in the pouring rain when I encountered them and had to stop to marvel at them. I excitedly — and very wetly — brought a few home for my housemates to enjoy. They were like “Oh, cool,” and then went back to whatever they were doing. Don’t be like them. Stop by Steinhardt to see these beauties so they don’t feel under-appreciated like I do.


This tree is generous enough to litter Power Street with stunning little leaves. And miraculously, it never seems to run out! I have picked many of these treasures off the ground to hide in the pages of friends’ books. Maybe none of them actually read the books on their bookshelves, because not one of them has sent me a thank you note.


Wow, look at that tree matching the red firehouse doors. Look at our tax dollars hard at work. You go, fund, you revolve.


I stopped to take a photo of this tree and some random cutie hopped in for the free publicity.

Look at this cute little bush outside of the ERC! It’s almost like nature is compensating in color for the misery that goes on in the lives of STEM folks.

STEM folks: Tag yourself. Are you the bare, dying bush on the left or the happy little red bush on the right?

(You don’t have to answer if it makes you sad.)


Proof that even the lonely stacks of the SciLi can be beautiful this autumn season. That’s right, I made it to a library! If I can make this journey, you can even make it to that beautiful patch of red and green in the background (I think it’s the Nelson). I probably won’t, though.

But more importantly than making it to the library or the gym, I sincerely hope you make it outside to catch this beautiful time of year before it fades. Live your life Baudelaire-style because just like deadlines pass, leaves fall and you want to catch a glimpse of them before they’re gone.


Stock photo of Rock Tree™, what are you doing here?? I was trying to make a sappy ending!

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