How to Win Long-Lasting Life Connections and Influence People provides college students with a freelance market for their future.

When one hears “Pangea,” the hundreds-of-millions-years-old supercontinent is usually what comes to mind. But now, there’s a new Pangea in Providence — and instead of connecting land masses, it’s an app connecting students with their community. was an idea conceived three years ago as a marketplace specifically designed to give students the opportunity to use their skillsets by offering freelance services and fulfilling requests by other students and members of the greater Providence community. After a beta version launched last October, a team of ten students from Brown, RISD, and Johnson & Wales came together to redevelop, rebuild, and rebrand the app, culminating in a relaunch this September with the new and improved

On the app, there’s a little something for everyone: has two sections, “Offerings” and “Requests.” The posts within these stretch anywhere from looking for a CS tutor to selling freshly baked cookies. To make a post in either section, you fill out a simple form on the app where you provide a brief description of the job you are offering or requesting, write in a price per hour it will cost or that you are willing to pay (you can also choose a “flexible” price option), choose who you would like to see your post (students, non students, or both), and pick a category into which your service falls, such as cuisine, moving, or photography. Once a post is up, you will see it on your feed and if you would like to follow up with it, you can click on a “Chat Now” button to get in contact with the original poster. The app is inherently user friendly — with pleasing graphics and clear sections (your feed, create a post, your chat inbox, and your profile), it is designed for anyone who sets up an account to immediately be able to jump in and contribute as a new part of the “panfam,” as the app users are called.

I created a profile to investigate more, and discovered that, yes, the rumors were true — the app is straightforward and very engaging. I found myself scrolling through the offerings and requests, wondering, “Well now that I see they’re offering it, why not get a dance lesson? And wouldn’t it be easy, and good, to help out someone with something like moving, or designing a poster?” Presented with so many opportunities, it’s possible to feel overwhelmed, but is more exciting than intimidating.

Ultimately, serves two purposes. First, it acts as a marketplace for students to contribute to the freelance workforce. But second, it cultivates conversations between students and community members of different skill sets, backgrounds, and experiences. With three different Rhode Island colleges working in tandem on the app, coupled with the fact that you can interact with non students as well, there are a lot of chances to interact with people outside your daily routine and circle. And soon, that circle will expand far beyond just the Ocean State! I spoke with Rachel Gross, a member of’s management team, who told me about the trajectory plan they have in place. The goal is to continue to build economic and collaborative communities around the nation by being integrated into at least one major college in every state in three years.

When you first click onto’s website, you are greeted by the words, “Reconnecting the world, one transaction at a time.” Right at our fingertips, we have the ability to contribute to the workforce and make lasting commercial — and life — connections with peers., like its namesake, is a connector of businesses, places, but most importantly, people.

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