What the Ratty Should Play Instead of CNN

We’ve all been there.

A stressful day, week… month. Where to go? What to do?

The lost and confused student need not wander much further than the shining beacon of hope that is the Ratty. Sometimes, the most therapeutic remedy in a time of tribulation is to resolve one of our most biological needs: the need to eat. For seven days a week, the Ratty is there for students, offering a bountiful wealth of sustenance, with the glimmering promise of “comforts” and better days to come.

It is nearly a perfect place. An area to socialize, eat, reflect, and learn. One glaring issue, however, restricts our beloved Ratty from reaching its full, unbridled potential: 24/7 CNN news coverage blaring from the large television mounted prominently on the wall.

Do not get me wrong. I respect the University’s logic to keep their student body informed about the current happenings of the world, but the issue with the 24-hour national news cycle is that it leads to the painful rehash of mostly negative news stories that you didn’t possibly think talking heads could have more to say about. Constant coverage of often divisive, controversial, or simply downright upsetting current events on that large and prominent television is the last thing that I want to see and listen to when I enjoy a meal. The mood that it causes that corner of the room to emit is palpably grim. So, BUDS (or whoever is in charge of what is being played on that godforsaken television) hear my cry and my humble proposition:

Here are five things we could be playing on the TV in the Ratty instead of CNN 24/7.

  1. Cartoons

This seems to be the most logical conclusion. Cartoons are the timeless entertainment form that guided so many through their youth, and they continue to delight young adults today, especially with smash hits such as “Rick & Morty” and “Big Mouth”. A stream of cartoons would be extremely valuable in setting a lighthearted, nostalgic, and jovial vibe in the Ratty. My suggestions? Spongebob, Phineas & Ferb, Rick & Morty, the Simpsons, and Bob’s Burgers.

  1. Vine Compilations

Who doesn’t love to sit back, relax, and waste an hour that should be spent studying on watching relics of a lost era? Ah, vine. The fleeting sensation that gave us so many classic one-liners. Vine compilations played on the TV would be funny, hip, might even help my friends understand what the hell I’m talking about when I make weird, esoteric references to obscure six-second clips.

  1. 2000s Music Videos

The mail room might be on to something here by playing classic bops that you might’ve last heard at your middle school dance, but the Ratty has the chance to step it up by playing the absolute gems that used to be only accessible on YouTube by way of Vevo. Bringing music to a social environment is rarely a bad idea, and pairing it with some cheesy yet comforting visuals to watch while you eat is the final step in the process.

  1. First Aid Instructional Videos

You never know when disaster is going to strike, right? Let’s keep Brown students prepared and ready to save the day at a moment’s notice.

  1. Lecture Capture Of That One Class I Keep Skipping

Dude, you don’t even KNOW how much time this would save me.


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