Nostalgia Trip: Lisa Frank is hiring

I know this is funny, but we aren’t joking.

Do you all remember your first trip? No, I’m not talking about Spring Weekend 2012. I’m talking about 2002, when you got your first Lisa Frank school folder:


Or what about that notebook?


In one way or another, Lisa Frank products and the elusive identity of Lisa Frank herself have together crafted our psychedelic fantasies.

If you’re a senior on the brink of a quarter-life crisis, and either have no post-grad plans OR are looking to live the rest of your life in what appears to be a combination of kindergarten and an upper-level MCM and/or VISA class, we’ve found just the thing for you. We’ve got the scoop that CareerLAB doesn’t.


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Nostalgia Trip: MTV reality dating shows of the ’00s


By now, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all seen/talked incessantly about VH1’s hot new show Dating Naked. The show sets up blind dates in the nude on an island somewhere in paradise. Don’t question it, just watch it.

And while Dating Naked is a true gem, I can’t help but reminisce about the multitude of reality dating competition shows I watched as a tweenager. I’d inhale a bowl of Reeses Puffs, sit in front of my pre-DVR TV, and watch hours of NEXT and Room Raiders with ads for “Floam” and Kidz Bop in between. So if you’re bored with all your programs and looking for something new to watch this week, maybe do a little #tbt to MTV from the early 2000’s.


On NEXT, potential dates are brought out one at a time while the rest wait their turn in a secluded RV. The catch is that the dater can say “NEXT” to any date at any time. The action inside of the RV is filmed as well, giving the contestants a chance to debrief their dates (if they’re nexted) slash talk about all the dumb stuff people talk about on reality TV.

The show seems pretty straightforward, except there’s this weird money part that I never really understood. The potential date is paid by the dater for the number of minutes he or she lasted on the date (1 minute = 1 dollar). If the person is not “nexted,” then they’re allowed to either go on a second date or take the money and run. While most reality TV shows try to blunt the superficial aspect of blind dating, NEXT takes it head on. It’s not uncommon for characters to be nexted on physical appearance alone. That and the whole money-in-exchange-for-dating (*cough*prostitution) thing makes it the JUICIEST SHOW EVER. Truly a reality TV show must see.

This particular episode is filled with witty one liners like “Eddie was more framboiled than my hamburger.” After a half-hour date, one of the contestants is nexted for being a smoker and starts to CRY. “She was like my crafted woman,” says 19-year-old “Italian Stallion” Justin. Other highlights from the episode include 19-year-old personal trainer Allison asking “so how much clothes do you own?” (answer: like 300 shirts), and the romantic date to the dentist’s office (Allison’s really into guys with good hygiene). This date ends with the winner and Allison (romantically) spitting Listerine into the same bowl.

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Nostalgia Trip: 10 songs we should still play at parties

As a culture, we are obsessed with throwbacks. From #tbt to the influx of 18-30 year olds wearing Buddy Holly glasses, we can’t get enough of the past. Why then, I ask, have we forgotten about the most influential era of music—the early naughts? I propose a revolution. No longer shall we dance to Miley and Avicii in frat basements. Here are ten forgotten but incredible party songs that we should be jamming out to at parties (and alone in our rooms) instead.

1. Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin’)

Although everyone’s favorite semi-obese R&B/rap/pop/garbage artist is now less than relevant, there was a time when T-Pain ruled the world. This song brings me back to the days of bar and bat mitzvahs—and has the secret power of making even the nerdiest Jewish boys pop and lock it on the dancefloor. And T-Pain autotuned before it was cool. So thanks, T. For everything. Continue Reading

Nostalgia Trip: Remember when these cartoons were considered kid-friendly?

As Halloween is today and October, Blog’s unofficial Nostalgia Month, comes to a close, we thought we’d take a moment to appreciate HOW FUCKING CREEPY cartoons were in our childhoods. We went down memory lane, remembering all those nights when we slept with one eye open after watching Cartoon Network or a Disney Channel Original Movie that was a bit too dark. Then we thought… how the fuck was this considered suitable for children?! From inappropriate jokes to villains that occasionally still haunt us, here are some memorable spooks from the TV of yesteryear.

Invader Zim

S1E4: Dark Harvest
Firstly, I would like to point out that the creator of Invader Zim is also the the author of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac which features the exploits of, you guessed it, a homicidal maniac. In this particular episode Zim, an alien hidden among a human elementary school class, is afraid that his identity will be revealed. In order to convince everyone of his humanness, he systematically steals organs from the other children until he is gorged with squishy spleens. A cute touch is when a roll of small intestines pops out of Zim’s mouth and he slurps it back.

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Nostalgia Trip: Movies through the ages

Over the long weekend, I came down with a rather heavy cold. It was miserable to say the least. While staying in bed most of the weekend was exactly what I needed insufferable, I had at least found a silver lining in my snot-encrusted Kleenexes: As I trolled the the archives of Netflix with no limitations (except for coughing fits and frequent naps, naturally), I rediscovered one of my favorite movies, Death at a Funeral. It is an extremely outrageous British (not the American remake) comedy about the troubles of an upper-class British family that has been torn apart by sibling tensions, the passing of their patriarch, and a hidden love affair with Tyrion Lannister.

You know, the norm.

While this is a plug for everyone to watch the movie—seriously, you will laugh your ass off—I also want to encourage you to hit pause on your work and press play on your favorite movies. Taking that trip down nostalgia lane is refreshing, heart-warming, and downright, well, nostalgic. Everyone loves that feeling. There’s nothing better. For me, Death at a Funeral led me from one movie to another … and then another until I had watched well over 5 10 15 movies from way back when.

So this week, take some time to watch a movie or two that you haven’t seen in a while, eat some pumpkin-flavored food, and get cozy. To help you with your planning, here is a tribute to movies from our childhood.  Continue Reading

Real life Mario Kart game makes students paranoid, provides major nostalgia trip

Some students (read: we. We’re the students.) were pretty confused the first time we saw a stranger walking around with a balloon attached to his backpack. And then we saw another. And six more.

There are only two possible explanations for this many free balloons being given out: either it’s Ruth’s birthday or a senior has created a sort of human Mario Kart to live out a nostalgic childhood dream. Ruth’s birthday is in July.

Just like the video game, but with people.

The balloons are part of “Namosaur Wars,” a war for survival. The game was thought up by namesake Aaron Nam ’12, according to whom “one’s best ideas come between the ages of 5 and 15. I tied a balloon to my backpack one day after I got sick of holding it, and people kept trying to pop it.” Thus, “Namosaur Wars” was born. Continue Reading