Secret Study Spot: Fleet Library


Though I am a bit hesitant to write this post (obviously due to the thousands of Brown students who will undoubtedly read it), there is a study space that must be taken advantage of during this stressful finals season. While the Rock and SciLi capture the traditional tension in one’s finals week hell study habits, there is a beacon of hope that is situated a mere ten-minute walk away. That my friends, is RISD’s Fleet Library. Though most of you are not affiliated or even familiar with our art-oriented sibling down the hill, your Brown ID is your ticket into the vaulted paradise that is Fleet Library.

Unlike the dreary setting of the Rock or the far too sociable environment of the Sci-Li, Fleet Library is absolutely stunning and provides the ordinary Brown student with the vision of what a Brown library could be (unfortunately you will have to keep dreaming). Located at 15 Westminster Street (or 15 West as the RISD kids call it) in downtown Providence, Fleet occupies a space that was once the Rhode Island Trust bank and boy, did the school truly do wonders in converting it. Beyond its ornately decorated ceiling, imposing chandelier clock, and grandiose Corinthian columns (shout-out to Architecture Professor Anthony Vidler and History Professor Kenneth Sacks), Fleet Library is truly modern and modular in character. The beautiful space provides students with unique study nooks and an elevated plateau chockfull-o-tables that holds an inspiring view of the entirety of the library.

Sick of the Rock food cart and its disappointing assortment of Clif Bars? Luckily for you, just outside of Fleet Library is Portfolio Café, which serves a variety of cuisine, but more importantly, has a soda fountain machine with RC Cola (a must try). The café provides a pleasant study break and allows one to refuel while chipping at that 20 pager. It also holds shelves of Pocky. Shelves.

Fleet Library adds a much-needed dynamic to your finals’ preparation plans, and is a valuable resource for all Brown students. While Fleet may not have the textbook for your upcoming Orgo exam, it does offer a pleasant environment for studying and a nice change of pace from the infamous Rock-SciLi duo. I hope you make use of Fleet in the next week and a half…just maybe not ALL of you. Ra Ra Brunonia! RISD!

The Fleet Library at RISD is open from 8:30am-11pm Monday-Thursday, 8:30am-8pm Friday, 10am-6pm on Saturday, and 12pm-11pm on Sunday.

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An open love letter to you, the newfound study space

If this compromises her location, I swear...

If this compromises her location, I swear…

I’ve recently entered a relationship, or a love affair, rather, that has gotten pretty serious. When I wake up, I think of seeing her (sometimes with disdain). I have the urge to just go see her and get in the zone for a couple hours. As I approach the place I know she will always reside, my heart races with excitement, also frightened at the possibility of her having no interest in me, but not by choice. I am tormented when I walk by and see another paramour spending the quality time with her that I know I would enjoy more. I feel cheated. I am talking, of course, of my newfound love for my favorite study space. Oh yes, it’s finals season.

I’ve never been one for relationships with the library. It used to pain me to trek to the SciLi in the winter to work on that problem set or reading assignment. I’d rather hang out on my bed and do my work than hunker down in the stacks. All that changed, however, when I found, well, let’s call her Settia (I found a fake poinsettia there today so it seems fitting) to protect her identity and my ability to access the space. Her light-colored, upbeat wood, the enticing silence surrounding her, her refined, curvy accompanying chair. Oh man, she’s perfect. When I’m with her, it’s just me, her, and my War and Politics books. Romantic, huh? Continue Reading

Where to study at Brown according to your mood

Chronic indecisiveness affects about 99% of the Brown student population, and this is best exemplified by the ordeal that is trying to find just the right study spot to work away during griev… uh, reading period. To help make the struggle bus ride a tad less bumpy, we have created a guide to help match your current mood with the most apt study spot. Hopefully, you’ll be able to maximize your productivity, and spend one hour on Buzzfeed instead of four.

Secret Study Space: Vol VII.


It is that dreaded time of the year again. No, I’m not talking about the winter, though that’s pretty awful too. I meant it’s finals period. The time of exams, papers and projects worth a gargantuan portion of your grade. While you might be sleep deprived or stressed (or most probably both), I have some good news for you — a new secret study space. This study space might at first look like a futuristic hermit cell. “That seems extremely uncomfortable,” you might think. You’re right, it is a bit cramped in there. However, the distinct advantage of this austere design is that you will never fall asleep while studying. Further, a small personal lamp has been provided to ensure that there’s enough light. There are also several power outlets, something which can’t be said of other spots on campus. Finally this study spot is a bit far from campus, though still within walking distance, an optimum combination that ensures you can get there, but the crowds probably won’t.

As for this academic nook’s location, let me give you a hint: the (ahem) design is rather radical isn’t it?

Secret Study Space: Vol. V

photo 5

Curious about the photo? Click here.

With midterms breathing down their necks, most students have reluctantly decided to (shudder) study. While there are a few things that make this sleep-inducing activity enjoyable, going to the Rock or SciLi is certainly not one of them. Rows of tired faces, lack of outlets and an undercurrent of tension and stress make for a horrible horrible study space. So what’s the alternative? Allow me to (re)introduce—secret study spaces. These spots are wonderfully isolated, quiet and are the elixir for boosting your academic productivity. (Find the picture of our newest secret study space after the jump.) Continue Reading

Secret Study Space: Vol. IV

Looking for a nice place to study that’s a bit off the beaten path? Here’s your spot. Furnished with a water cooler, a whiteboard, a microwave, reading material for study breaks, and more, this room has everything you need. Located in a quiet spot on campus, this building offers a nice change of scenery from the SciLi, Rock, and other major study spots. See if you can find it!