Hey freshmen, you think the housing lottery is a rat race now? Listen to this.


Today is the second night of the infamous and dreaded housing lottery. Those students who were smart enough to seek out Program Housing will circumvent the process. In years past, one lucky person and his/her group would win the right to first pick in the lottery by entering him/herself in a raffle; this year, however, the raffle was done away with. Regardless, winning the first pick awards the winner and his/her group the coveted opportunity to have the first choice from any housing unit on campus.

However, in ancient times (i.e. as late as spring 2010), winning the first pick in the housing lottery used to be less simple than choosing a silly raffle ticket out of a box. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), many students don’t know about the previous way one could win the first pick: a video competition. This year’s seniors are the last people to have experienced said competition.

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Psych, Jokes, ‘N’ Rock & Roll: Bitching and moaning about food

Ice Cream NH

When I was younger, I could eat anything I wanted. Now I can eat, like, only seven types of food. Food is complicated. It’s time to ruminate about different topics in the world of food.

Eating healthily. It’s so difficult to eat healthily. Or at least, it’s difficult eat healthily and not have the same diet as a gerbil. I am amazed that while I try to eat healthier, I don’t have a goddamn clue what to eat. Carbs? Bad. Protein? Bad. Fat…FAT?!?! Fat getting inside my body, yeah right. Forget everything that sounds bad, even good stuff like apples are not as healthy as people once thought. We live in a world where there are no healthy foods, just foods that are less poisonous than others.

I’ve attempted to eat healthier, but the nutrition facts on boxes aren’t helping. Does anyone know how to read nutrition facts? What exactly am I looking for? I note the serving per box and the calories, but what the hell comes next? There’s vitamin B, B6, B12….If I have two servings of B6, does that equal one serving of B12? The content amounts are all in grams, which might explain why drug dealers are so skinny. Although I start out wanting a breakfast, I end up trying to solve an algebra problem.

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Psych, Jokes, & Rock ‘n’ Roll: “Love” that everyone knows

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 4.49.37 PM

Dear BlogDH Reader,

I’m not the biggest fan of February. It’s the short, weird month. It’s also the month that produces those annoying eight-year-olds who adamantly claim they’re only two years old. (Honestly, what the hell is February 29th?) The only thing I enjoy about February is that it’s the month of love. Although Valentine’s Day was two weeks ago, let us use the final day of the month celebrate love one last time. Instead of talking about romantic, filial, or family love, I want to honor the other types of “love”…after the jump. Continue Reading

3 episodes of The Simpsons students in blizzards should watch


The last blizzard this big to hit Brown was so long ago, the Simpsons weren’t even around. In honor of my favorite show, and for the many closeted The Simpsons fans out there, the remaining time you have in this snow weekend for you to reminisce about the good times with your favorite yellow family. Get under some blankets, drink some Duff, and enjoy these three Simpsons episodes that are most appropriate to watch in this snowy ambiance.

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Quarter-life crisis: The Brown-isms I hate now but will miss when I graduate

1980s alternative day

After 3.5 years in college, I’ve been accustomed to hearing the same phrases semester after semester. Some phrases I’ve gotten used to without affect, other phrases just suck. I thought about the many clichés and redundant sayings I’ve heard on college and realized that while I find them annoying now and perhaps have taken them for granted, they’re a part of the student experience. After leaving Brown, I know I’ll miss not hearing them in the same context; outside of the Brunonian realm, these sayings take an whole new meanings. Here are the winners for the question, statement, and word I hate now, but will miss after college.

Stupid Question: “What’s your concentration?”

Hate it now: As college students, we have a whole palette of conversation starters. We have the constant cyborg-like questions like “how are you?” and “sup?” Similarly, “how was your break?” and “which classes are you taking?” are both questions which fortunately have grace periods. Questions like these don’t bother me, because they don’t downplay our intelligence, memories, and interests in our fellow students to the extent that “what’s your concentration?” does.

“What’s your concentration?” is the question that deserves the least repetition in asking, yet requires the most. Continue Reading

The most significant gender difference: How to remove your shirt

The Evolution of How Women Took of their Shirts

If you ever enter in a room and see eight dudes attempting to remove their shirts, they’re not preparing for an orgy. Rather they’ve just been asked, “Have you ever noticed that men and women take off their shirts differently?”

I take pleasure in noticing the little things in life, because it’s the little things that usually provide the biggest awe. The discrepancy between men’s and women’s shirt removal provides me with this awe. But it’s not just that men and women have different ways of taking their shirts off, it’s that men look more like idiots when they do it. Continue Reading