Hangover Helpers to the Rescue

This is when you would call Hangover Helpers

We’ve all been there. The splitting headache. The sea of red cups. The anonymous vomit in the corner. Last night you threw the wildest rager. But now its Sunday, and you’ve got to deal with a hangover and a destroyed post-party house. To some this might seem like a nightmare, but to a couple students at University of Colorado students, this was a business opportunity. Hangover Helpers, a student run business, brings fellow students and party-throwers breakfast burritos and Gatorade and will also clean up the party mess, all for a price of course — $15 per roommate. So, any students in Engineering and New Ventures, here’s a possible idea for a final!

MIT ≠ Poetry

Einstein believed in poetry.

Last week, an editorial appeared on MIT’s newspaper lamenting the cut of the university’s Advanced Poetry Workshop due to financial restraints. And we rather agree — especially if, instead of continuing the poetry class, MIT is deciding to offer a class on “Communicating With Mobile Technology.” Really, MIT? A class on how to text and use Twitter? Instead of poetry!?

Clearly there are some (apparently the administrators of MIT) who can argue a scientist doesn’t need to know how to conjure lyrical verse in the engineering lab. Yet, the MIT editorial makes the very bold claim that “poetry, as long as man could string words together into longer, more involved metaphors and language-pictures, has been the remedy for our dumbness.” Maybe  Einstein can provide a more  eloquent (or poetic?) defense for the study of verse — “pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.”  That’s right, MIT. If soon-to-be-scientists are able to study how to communicate with their buddies over Facebook, they should at least be offered a class to practice the art of poetry.

Free food digest: November 23, 2010

Due to the upcoming Thanksgiving festivities, there aren’t any events offering free food this week, so instead go home and raid your pantry! It’s the best source of free food we’ve found so far.

Free food digest: November 9, 2010

GLEE Showing
8-9 pm
Smitty B 106
Gleeky fun and free food

8-8:30 pm
Barus and Holley 168
TV, food, trivia, and prizes

Independent Concentration Info Session
6 pm
Curricular Resource Center (Stephen Roberts 228)
Learn about crafting independent concentrations and munch on free K & C!

Traditional Games and Activities Night
7-8:30 pm
Mo-Champ Lounge
Play traditional Asian games and eat some Asian snacks

Dartmouth student gets artsy with Keystone

Max Heiges's masterpiece "The Juggler"

A frat’s Saturday night dilemma: after many rounds of beer pong and shotgunning, empty Keystones cover the sticky basement floor. What to do? One Dartmouth student’s answer: turn it into art.

Max Heiges, Dartmouth art intern and football player, incorporated the classic frat beverage into his installation piece “The Juggler.” Much like anyone who supports themselves on Keystone, the sculpture seems like it is about to collapse from too much alcohol intake. But the precariously balanced sculpture stays afloat,  incorporating a couple of seemingly floating chairs and a lot of cases of empty Keystone, all of course donated by Dartmouth frat members. Who knew a Saturday night’s worth of beer could become a contribution to the art world? And, like with any other serious work of contemporary art, we must ask what does it mean? Heiges’s answer: “Nobody rages anymore.” Hmmmm. Right.

What we want to know: why hasn’t some hipster vis art student already done this with PBR?

Time-waster of the day: November 9, 2010

Yeah, you wish you heard the sound of the waves

Ever been stuck in the draining silence of the Rock stacks where you’d much rather hear the peaceful lull of beach waves? Prefer to listen to the sounds of creeks or forest birds instead of your roommate’s snoring every night?

Nature Sounds let’s you compose your own ambient melody, be it for reading, sleeping, or meditating, for free. Some of our favorite sounds: cat purr, fireplace, tibetan bowl…and “brown” noise? What it’s a sound of and why it’s called “brown” remains a mystery.