Providence suspends open container law

For those of you haters and losers who aren’t a fan of basketball — and even worse, don’t fill out a bracket for March Madness *gasps* — you’re about to proven wrong.

Because if there’s anything that America — and Brown especially — can get behind other than apple pie and political statements on Facebook, it’s publicly, belligerently drinking. And now, in some areas of Providence, you can do that — all thanks to the NCAA Tournament games being played in the Dunkin Donuts Center.

You heard that right, Providence is currently suspending it’s open container law in an area around the Dunk in order to “contain” partying for the NCAA Tournament. Because if Yale upsets Baylor downtown, you know I’m going to spend my legally gambled money on a party with the crusty, old Yale faithful.

Unfortunately, the Dunk itself will be alcohol free, which might give some of the more aggressive fans an excuse to get that last shotgun or chug in before entering the stadium. After all, Miami’s coming to town — and if you’re rooting for the U and aren’t drunk before tip-off, are you rooting for the U at all


March Madness Live Blog

Brown basketball isn't dancing, but Ivy League opponent Yale will be. Stay tuned to find out where they'll be headed.

Brown basketball isn’t dancing, but Ivy League opponent Yale will be. Stay tuned to find out where they’ll be headed.

The most wonderful time of the year is here! No, I’m not talking about Christmas or the start of summer vacation or even the Super Bowl — I’m talking about Selection Sunday. The day where everyone around the world stops, kills about 30 trees by printing brackets and pretends to be an expert on all things college basketball.

The first update: North Carolina, Kansas, Virginia and Oregon are number one seeds.

Oregon is the biggest surprise of the bunch, taking out Michigan State and Villanova as other potential suitors. Virginia lost to North Carolina in the ACC Tournament and also still got a top seed. An interesting start.

South Region:

1. Kansas

16. Austin Peay

8. Colorado

9. UConn

5. Maryland

12. South Dakota State

4. California

13. Hawaii

3. Miami

14. Buffalo

6. Arizona

11. Vanderbilt/Wichita State

7. Iowa

10. Temple

15. UNC Asheville

2. Villanova

This is a pretty stacked bracket, with preseason top 10 teams from top to bottom. Iowa and Maryland fell off the table late, but watch out for Arizona: they have experience and can take down a fairly weak Miami team if the Hurricanes move past Buffalo.

Rapid Fire Sweet Sixteen Picks: Kansas, Maryland, Arizona, Iowa

Final four: Kansas

Let’s talk about some upsets. Unfortunately, this bracket looks strong at the top and fairly weak at the bottom. I think Miami is a below average team that could be shocked by Buffalo, but watch out for the winner of Wichita State/Vanderbilt. It always helps to get a game under your belt while the other teams wait in the wings, so the winner of that game could gain an advantage.

West Region:

1. Oregon

16. Holy Cross/Southern

8. Saint Joseph’s

9. Cincinatti

5. Baylor

12. Yale

4. Duke 

13. UNC Wilmington

6. Texas

11. Northern Iowa

3. Texas A&M

14. Green Bay

7. Oregon State

10. VCU

15. Cal St. Bakersfield

2. Oklahoma

Wow, this is quite a change from the South Region. A lot of impressive lower seeds and underwhelming top seeds, and it looks like Oklahoma might have an easy road to the Elite Eight. I’d watch out for Texas if they get past Northern Iowa, one of my potential darling teams of the tournament.

Rapid Fire Sweet Sixteen picks: Saint Joseph’s, Yale, Texas, Oklahoma

Final Four: Oklahoma

East Region:

1. North Carolina

16. FGCU/Dickinson

8. USC

9. Providence

5. Indiana

12. Chatanooga

4. Kentucky

13. Stony Brook

6. Notre Dame

11. Michigan/Tulsa

3. West Virginia

14. Stephen F. Austin

7. Wisconsin

10. Pittsburgh 

15. Weber State

2. Xavier

As a UNC fan, this is definitely a tough bracket. West Virginia is a turnover-creating machine that can take down any team. Kentucky is a team that’s peaking at the right time and Providence has one of the NPOY candidates. I’d say that Chatanooga can beat Indiana, but Kentucky is the dark horse to come out of this region.

Rapid Fire Sweet Sixteen Picks: UNC, Kentucky, West Virginia, Wisconsin

Final Four: UNC (How could I not??)

Midwest Region

1. Virginia

16. Hampton

8. Texas Tech

9. Butler

5. Purdue

12. Arkansas Little Rock

4. Iowa State

13. Iona

6. Seton Hall

11. Gonzaga

3. Utah

14. Fresno State

7. Dayton

10. Syracuse

2. Michigan State

15. Middle Tennessee

I really hate this bracket. Utah is a 3 seed but Kentucky is a 4? Purdue is a 5 and Texas is a 6? Give me Michigan State and it isn’t really that close. I think Seton Hall might challenge the Spartans down the road, but a Michigan State-Iowa State regional final looks enticing.

Rapid Fire Sweet Sixteen Picks: Michigan State, Seton Hall, Texas Tech, Iowa State

Final Four pick: Michigan State