An Elegy: the Angell Street Beech

The 110-year-old Copper Beech tree towering over Sharpe House will see its last spring this year before it is felled to make room for the new Performing Arts Center.

On Arbor Day, April 27, around 35 people clad in raincoats and huddled under umbrellas gathered in a wide ring around the tree to commemorate its time on campus.

“Over the past few days, I’ve noticed people just gathering around her,” Professor Nancy Jacobs said. “I think we’ll see more of that in the near future.”

Jacobs has looked out from her office at the tree for about 15 years. She sometimes calls her Angell after the nearest street.

“The people who care for the grounds, they don’t want to lose this tree,” Jacobs said. “They’re grieving it as much or more as we are.”

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