Spring Weekend Artist Lyrics: A Dramatic Reading

We rounded up some of Brown’s most talented performers and asked them to theatrically interpret the lyrics of this year’s Spring Weekend Lineup. You’ll never listen to Waka Flocka the same way again.

Video by Frida Perez ’17 and Eddie Mansius ’17.

BlogDailyHerald Presents: Brunonia, Episode 4, The Section

Readings are a social construct.

Here’s the fourth episode of BlogDailyHerald’s webseries Brunonia.

Apply to make videos for Blog!

If you have experience making videos and want to join Blog, apply to join our video team today! We’re looking for talented videographers, cinematographers and video editors. E-mail us with some of your past work and you could have your videos shared with the whole student body. For more information, contact us at blog@browndailyherald.com.

Check out the teaser below to see some of the work we’ve done in the past:

BlogDailyHerald Presents: Brunonia Episode 3, I’m Slightly Shmacked

If you’ve ever wished Brown had its own “I’m Shmacked” video: you’re welcome.

Here’s the third episode of BlogDailyHerald’s webseries Brunonia.

BlogDH “Epic Meal Time” presents: The Pizza Cake


Curious about the photo? Click here.

Some of you may have recently seen photos of the rare and outrageous pizza cake floating around the internet. This delicacy is exactly what it sounds like – layers of pizza stacked on top of one another, meant to resemble a layer cake. We here at BlogDH are all about #internet and insane recipes, so we decided to conduct a BlogDH “Epic Meal Time” experiment to see the pizza cake in action. Try out the recipe for yourself.

The Pizza Cake from Brown Daily Herald on Vimeo.

Video by Frida Perez ’17 

BlogDailyHerald Presents: Brunonia, Episode 2: The Tour

As Brown students, we know how those campus tour groups can impede us from running to CFF get in our way. But every once in a while, they just might be worth tagging along.

Here’s the second episode of BlogDailyHerald’s webseries Brunonia!