Playlistology: Songs for the 5 Stages of Spring Weekend Indoor Grief

It’s Spring Weekend!! And you know what that means… the fresh air, the warm sun, hearing your favorite music out on the Main Green…right? Well, not so much. Due to the concert cock-block known as Providence weather, BCA recently announced that our festivities will be occurring indoors, leading to much Brownie angst and buyer’s remorse.  To those of you who may fall in this category we’ve compiled a playlist to accompany you during your grieving period.

5. Denial- And I Am Telling You- Jennifer Hudson

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Playlistology: Top 5 songs for post-break crash

Oh, the treacherous return to productivity after a week of couch-surfing, Top Chef marathons, and various forms of inebriation. For many of us, being greeted by the combination of responsibilities and a snowy spring will inevitably result in procrastination, laziness, and one-too-many hours spent on To celebrate this week-long period of lethargy, we present a playlist of songs that are a perfect backdrop to all your dawdling endeavors.

5. The Importance of Being Idle- Oasis: Take a cue from these Manchester rockers and say a big “F- you” to it all (accompanied by an emotive guitar track, of course).

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Playlistology: Top 5 Worst Songs for Spring Break Celebrations

With break just a week away, the promise of warmer weather and endless hours of catch-up sleep seems like the light at the end of today’s snowy/spring tunnel. But before you start stocking up on your sunscreen and cheap booze, it’s necessary to prepare the most essential part of party-time: the celebration playlist. To help you get off on the right musical foot, we present a list of mood-killing songs that should be avoided for any and all festivities.

5. Wild Horses- Susan Boyle

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Playlistology: Top 5 Coachella Casualties

With all the recent leaks and announcements, Brown has been buzzing over our Spring Weekend headliners. Yet, what’s been getting arguably more attention in the past few months is who isn’t coming to campus. The main culprit in this sonic scarcity? California’s Coachella Festival which, this year, is taking place at the same time as Spring Weekend. To account for our losses, we’ve compiled a list of the artists we’re most sad to have lost to the Coachella sunshine.

5. Sleigh Bells:

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Web Civ: Top Five Thom Yorke Memes

Recently, the campus (and the entire web) has been musically buzzing over the extravaganza that is Radiohead’s “Lotus Flower.” With one of rock’s most enigmatic frontmen decked out in skinny jeans and a button down, shakin’ his thang (whatever that thang may be…), the video revels in the strange combination of bizarre and sexy that only Thom Yorke can pull off. The greatest aspect of it though is the plethora of memes, gifs, and parodies that this video has inspired. After extensive research, we have compiled my favorite Dancing Thom memes. Enjoy!

5. Thom Yorke Takes on Breakfast Club

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