Pros & Cons of indoor Spring Weekend concerts


Mother Nature is sending us good vibes so far as Spring Week begins: the chance of rain on Friday and Saturday has dropped to 20%. Can you say #blessed? Let’s continue to pray to the skies until the BCA makes the rain call to release another 2,300 tickets to students on Wednesday, April 15. Until then, here are the pros and cons of the Spring Weekend concerts being held indoors in the Pizzitola Gymnasium.


  • You’re dry (obvi).
  • You won’t lose your sunglasses.
  • You can reminisce about middle school dances in the gym.
  • Bathrooms. Real bathrooms.

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Men’s Crew hosted No. 1 Washington for first time in history

men's crew

Defending National Champions of Men’s Crew Washington traveled to Brown to match up in the Seekonk River on the morning of April 4. Washington has never raced Brown’s course in the history of the two programs. Brown finished 2nd in the National tournament last year, so the Bears certainly had something to prove this Saturday.

Unfortunately, the Bears did not fair so well against the Huskies. The freshman boat cruised passed the Bears to win, winning by 7.2 seconds, while Brown’s JV boat lost by 6.9 seconds.

The varsity boat race was the closest of the three, with Washington holding just a one-seat lead throughout the course. Brown fought relentlessly in the final few hundred meters of the river, but the Huskies rowed their way to victory in the final seconds.

Despite the loss, the fans didn’t disappoint. Fellow students, families and bystanders circled along the length of the river and piled onto the Narragansett Boat Dock to support the Bears. Bruno school spirit was in full force this weekend, and the Men’s Crew team hope it will continue for their competition against Harvard on April 11th for the Stein Cup.

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The Definitive Ranking of College Hill Chicken Fingers

The chicken finger is the Holy Grail of chicken-based products–and a delicacy only served at a select few restaurants on College Hill. Although it’s a simple food option, it can have disastrous results when not prepared with the utmost “tender” [Ed. Ugh] loving care. A chicken finger aficionado myself, I feel it is imperative that Brunonians are given all the necessary details before purchasing fried chicken around Brown’s campus while in a drunken hungry state. Ranked worst to best, all of the chicken fingers on College Hill deserve a shout-out. Happy eating!

  1. B.B.C., Thayer Street

To put it lightly, B.B.C.’s chicken fingers are disgraceful: truly an abomination to fried chicken tenders everywhere. The breading is gritty, grainy, and just despicable. A wide array of dipping sauces is available upon request, and you’ll need all of them to swallow these down. Their mozzarella sticks and burgers are stellar examples of quality junk food, but I guess an eatery named “Better Burger Company” cannot be trusted to handle chicken properly. Please eat at your own risk.

Recommended with: Nothing. Nothing at all. Do NOT eat them.

  1. Shanghai, Meeting Street

I’m not sure if they quite qualify as “chicken fingers,” but they are fried pieces of breaded chicken nonetheless. Amidst Shanghai’s 20-page menu, chicken fingers have found their home in the appetizer section, right above “mozzarella stick” (yes, only one stick). While I recommend Shanghai’s scorpion bowls and lo mein over their chicken fingers, they are still more edible than B.B.C.’s. Bonus–you can eat them while enjoying the ’80s hits that play on repeat.

Recommended with: Soy sauce…?

  1. The Ratty, Thayer Street

The Sharpe Refectory deserves a shout-out for their attempt at serving fried food. Although they aren’t exactly chicken fingers, their popcorn chicken is worthy of a spot on the list. Although most Brunonians flock to the V-Dub for fried chicken, the Ratty gains a surplus of hungry students when popcorn chicken is added to the daily menu. You may need seven of their stupidly small cups to wash it down, but in the words of Ron Burgundy, popcorn chicken “always goes down smooth.” [Note: we know that the Ratty occasionally serves actual chicken fingers, too, but we also all know which BUDS eatery that dish truly belongs to.]

Recommended with: A scoop of the puffy Cheetos served in the black bin.

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BlogDH Panel: Who we want at Spring Weekend 2015

spring weekend

It’s that time of year again when we approach the long anticipated revelation of who will perform at, arguably undoubtedly, the best weekend at Brown. Coachella will once again royally screw us by snagging every obscure artist in the universe (and Drake), but the staff members of the BlogDH remain hopeful. Although the BCA’s lips are sealed until the official release date (Monday, March 16th), the bloggers can dream. My personal wish list includes MisterWives, Nicki Minaj wearing the BLACK and BLUE dress, and obviously, Sia (who would sing from the gated roof of Faunce to hide from the audience). An addition to my wish list is for the temperature to rise above 32 degrees, but we have a better chance of Lauryn Hill showing up on time. Read on for BlogDH’s dream line-ups: 

twenty-one pilots

The indie/mainstream combos…

Kenji Endo: Twenty-One Pilots, Glass Animals, and Sylvan Esso.

Eddie Mansius: Odesza, Lord Huron, Purity Ring, and Theophilus London.

Naiyah K. Ambros: Mac Demarco, Glass Animals, St. Lucia, and Hozier. Continue Reading



A key quality that allows a college female to be identified as a SWUG is being single. February 14th is a day dedicated to those who are #blessed with being in a relationship with another human, and it’s just around the corner.

As a Brown University SWUG, Valentine’s Day is usually an excuse to stuff my face with overpriced chocolate from the Thayer Street CVS, and to wait for my non-single friends to return with leftovers from their free romantic dinners on Federal Hill. However, this Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday, which offers a number of opportunities for all the Brown SWUGs like me. And forces you to wear something other than your pajamas all day.

Why is a SWUG on V-Day different from all the other single ladies? We SWUGs are incredibly seasoned in the art of single’s activities: white wine, Netflix, and finishing a Ben & Jerry’s pint in record time. Therefore, we need to broaden our horizons, expand our palettes, and put our dear friend Netflix away for just one evening. It’s a Saturday night, girls. Get off the couch, put on your slutty favorite top, and give Cupid the finger on your way into the bar.

Calling all SWUGs of Brown: Put down the pint of Half Baked, take that tequila shot, and most importantly: treat yo self.

If you’re a SWUG and in dire need of plans for this Saturday, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Get a slice of chicken-bacon-ranch from Antonio’s for dinner
  2. Get a group of SWUG friends and head to Providence Place to see Fifty Shades of Grey
  3. Indulge in a glass (or four) of a pricier wine than you’d usually drink
  4. Finish that bottle of wine, Über to Euphoria and start (or continue) to senior scramble

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