Sextion: Sex Abroad info sesh, Part 2

With the end of the semester rapidly approaching, you might be wondering where next semester will take you. Study abroad, perhaps? Maybe you’re a graduating senior who’s moving across seas or a sophomore looking to take some time off to travel. If you’re going outside the US, you’ll need to prep yourself on how to navigate your sexy way around the globe. Last week, Heather HotPants covered some popular abroad destinations. This week, she’s giving you more:

Argentina: It takes three to tango. Argentines are known for their love of fooling around, and that includes with people who aren’t their partners. “If an Argentine ever takes you on a date to a café, but when you enter the café he tells you there are ‘too many people’ for the ‘intimate atmosphere,’ [that] means he has a girlfriend and he’s worried that her friends are at the café,” according to one friend who studied in Buenos Aires. “And I know this because my Argentine professor explained this to me.”

China: You are a western god(dess). Anyone who has been to China will tell you that if you’re not Asian-looking, you are an automatic celebrity. Careful — just because they want your autograph doesn’t mean that they want to sleep with you. In fact, talk of sex is taboo in China — sex education only opened up in the last decade. But like most things in this country, all of that is changing quickly. Continue Reading

Sextion: Sex Abroad info sesh, Part 1

Ah, restless Brunonian, your intellectual curiosity knows no geographic limits! Why spend time reading about Joyce when you can truly experience his words for yourself in Dublin? Why study science in a lecture hall when you can visit CERN in Geneva? You have to go and see the world for yourself! So, at least, you told Mom and Dad as you signed your study abroad application last Friday.

But let’s get down to the real reason why you’re going abroad. That’s right, some good ol’ fashioned foreign sex. Brown is wonderful, sure, but it’s no secret that by senior year, you likely will have slept with all of your friends. We live in a small place. A place where your last one-night stand is lurking at every turn of the Rock and the most exciting sex news is a cameo appearance of the John Street masturbator… again. Let’s fly, fly away from Brown, just for a safe semester or two, and let our genitals express themselves globally! Before you go, though, a heads up on what you’ve gotten yourself into. Continue Reading

Sextion: Happy Sex Week!

It’s Sex Week @ Brown.

SHEEC, the Sexual Health Education & Empowerment Center, organizes the 7-day long event comprised of workshops, lectures, screenings, and more. Sex Week is in its fourth year and is in full swing until this Saturday, March 17.

The point of Sex Week? To “bring events to campus about things people may want to know about but might not feel comfortable asking about,” says Jenn Conti ’12, co-chair of SHEEC. “Sex and sexual health are usually spun in a negative way — ‘don’t do this, don’t do that’ — but through Sex Week, we’re talking about things in a sex-positive way.”

Sex-positive? Sounds good to me!

But is Sex Week just another sad example of Brown kids talking about sex without actually having any? Maybe. Sex Week certainly won’t go around knocking on Keeney doors and forcing coitus where it’s not wanted. But talking about sex openly might be the first step in that giant leap from just curious to full-blown sexually active. Plus, some events — like the “Orchestrating Orgasms” workshop with star sex educator Megan Andelloux — prove much less academic and much more utilitarian, hem hem.

Events at Sex Week you should not miss: 

Continue Reading

Sextion: Why is he going soft?

Conversations with my guy friends at Brown reveal a surprising statistic: 100 percent of them have perfect sex lives, make their partners orgasm every time, and never finish before 60 minutes. This is in stark contrast to the men I’ve slept with — 0 percent of whom fit this same bill. I’d love to believe my guy friends, but I’ve got this nagging suspicion that something’s up. I’m not sure why — call it social pressure or self-consciousness — but the point is, guys aren’t coming out with it.

I don’t mean to downplay the seriousness. When problems down there do happen — as they will to us all at some point in our sex lives — it can be embarrassing and frustrating. Probably the scariest problem for a guy in bed is going soft. This problem can tug on a guy’s deepest psychological strings and make him feel like he’s “not a man.” No fears, gentlemen! The first step is recognizing that this same issue has happened to every single man in the history of the universe (according to a fictitious survey I did dating 10,000 BC–present). The second step is better understanding what’s going on down there. There are tons of reasons why you might be finding yourself going soft like a pretzel, so read on to discover more. Continue Reading

Sextion: Are you having sex too soon?

Chances are you’ve already heard plenty of reasons to scare you from having sex — particularly if you are a woman or a homosexual male. All over the planet we’ve got rules about what we shouldn’t be doing and whom we shouldn’t be doing.

What are some of the things about sex you’re supposed to fear?

  1. Pregnancy
  2. Rape (apparently, ladies, if you have sex or even flirt with a guy, then you’re probably asking for sex with anyone at anytime)
  3. STIs
  4. AIDS (yeah, I know, similar to #3 but this one has historically been directed towards gay males)
  5. Being labeled a slut or a manwhore (they even have a sort of slut IQ test for it now)
  6. Not being able to have a family  (if you like to have sex with people of your same sex)

At a place like Brown, most of us can shrug off the critics and decide for ourselves which risks we’re comfortable taking. There is, however, one fear voiced quite frequently at Brown and it’s this:

Ruining your chances of establishing a meaningful relationship with someone. Continue Reading

Sextion: Celebrating the Other V-Day

Editorial Disclaimer: This post has been created by college students for college students.  It has been rated NC-17 for its sexual nature and anatomically graphic references. Please proceed at your own risk. Thanks for reading! Love, BlogDH

Valentine’s Day. Couples treat each other to flowers, chocolates and singing Mariachi bands. Your friend opens up her JWW mailbox to discover two tickets to New York from her beau. No fair! What about your box? You glance around Salomon 101 and everyone is passing around Sweetheart candy. Where is your Yum-Yum?

No worries, dear. This Valentine’s Day, Heather Hot Pants is celebrating the other V-Day. No matter if you’re single, hooking up or in something more committed, your little lady spot needs to be pampered, too. Continue Reading