Ugly bear takes Ruth Simmons hostage

As if leaving home behind and transitioning to college life didn’t already precipitate a strange haze of nostalgia or create plenty of emotional trauma, students beginning their U. experience in September will be greeted by a most hideous addition to campus: Urs Fischer’s “Untitled (Lamp/Bear),” the freakish baby-blue bear-lamp sculpture that will make our home its home for the next FIVE YEARS.

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Adoch and 4/20 collide

4/20 falls during ADOCH this year. Or, rather, ADOCH falls during 4/20, quite possibly the most important holiday for Brown students and those who enjoy a little “reefer madness” here and there.

Of course, with ADOCH come pre-frosh, as well as the parents of said pre-frosh. The race is on to see which host gets asked for weed first. Brownie points to the set of parents that ask to join the rotation on the Main Green. Double brownie points if they are with their kids.

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Brown recognizes, grants residential status to new fraternity Beta Omega Chi

Beta Omega Chi, a greek organization for men of color at Brown, was officially recognized by the University as a Greek letter organization and granted residential status Feb. 11.

What began in September 2013 as three founders and five initiates (the “starting five”) has grown to 16 members, said Jordan Ferguson ’17, vice president of Beta Omega Chi. Founders Andrew Gonzales ’16, Ahmed Elsayed ’16 and Cedric Kuakumensah ’16 came together and “founded it with the idea of creating a space on campus for men of color to cultivate a fraternal bond,” said Stephen Bozier ’17.

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