Beyond Beyond the Bottle: DCI Product Design Challenge 2012

Last year, Decor Craft Inc (DCI) partnered with A Better World by Design and brought us the DCI Product Design Challenge – and now they’re back with the 2nd annual Product Design Challenge!

The goal of the challenge is to move design toward products that engage with and attempt to resolve real problems facing our world. Here’s this year’s challenge:

“In today’s society, many people are spending more time indoors than ever before and missing the beauty outside. Submit an idea for a product that will encourage people to re-engage with the great outdoors.” (DCI/BWxD)

The challenge is open to designers around the world from any field, so jump on it, kids! It’s a pretty amazing opportunity to develop and submit an idea, and if doing that for its own sake isn’t enticing enough, the first place winner receives $1,000 and the opportunity to have their product distributed by DCI and showcased at the Better World by Design conference in the fall!

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Brown Market Shares Program & The White House!

Campus Champions of Change Challenge, a program initiated in the fall of 2011, is a White House- (and mtvU-) sponsored competition to spotlight student-led community projects on campuses across the country. And guess who’s in the race this year? Brown’s very own Market Shares Program!

Here’s how the challenge works: thousands of students and student groups across the nation are welcome to submit their programs to the White House Office of Public Engagement, which then chooses 15 finalists that best embody positive change in the campus community and move toward “helping America win the future.” Isn’t that vague nice? The vote to determine the top five finalists is open to the public — that means you have a say!

Of the 15 projects, the five finalists with the most votes are invited to the White House and will be featured on mtvU. Let’s show America what we’ve got: vote to help send Brown Market Shares to DC! Don’t know what Brown Market Shares is all about? Read on!

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The moment we’ve all been waiting for…

Blue Ivy Carter, a very early admit to the Brown class of 2034, made her debut on Tumblr this week, revealing a totally precious combination of Jay-Z P’34 and Beyoncé’s P’34 features on her own sleepy, one month-old face. The proud parents couldn’t look happier and include the message:

“We welcome you to share in our joy. Thank you for respecting our privacy during this beautiful time in our lives.

The Carter family.”

Awwww. Sneak a peak of baby Blue here!

Beyond Beyond the Bottle: Shop Eco-friendly Classes!

It’s shopping period, ladies and gents, and I’m taking this opportunity to plug my favorite subject: the environment! I’m of the opinion that everyone should take a class with the word “environment(al)” in the title by the time they’ve graduated. You don’t think that sounds reasonable? Well, I’ve been doing my research, and environmental studies does a pretty good job of making itself relevant to most departments in one way or another. Just to make it easier for all of you lovely non-concentrators, I’m compiling a list of classes in other departments that satisfy my personal environmental studies requirement for the Brown community — no excuses now! Shop ’em while you can, and don’t forget to turn off the lights and grab your water bottles while you’re at it!

For the Politics, Policy & Economics Crowd: 

ECON1350: Environmental Economics and Policy
POLS1730: Environmental Politics in the United States
INTL1450: Political Economy of the Environment in Latin America
SCSO1720: Environmental Justice: Science and Political Economy of Environmental Health and Social Justice Continue Reading

NYT Magazine features our very own Ken Miller ’70!

While procrastinating taking a study break, I stumbled upon a slideshow in the New York Times Magazine style section titled “Class Acts,” a short compilation of university professors who “make academia look good” [NYT]. I had looked at chic professors from Harvard, Franklin & Marshall, and UPenn, and was beginning to wonder if all hope was lost for Brown when there it was — a darkly lighted photograph of biology Professor Ken Miller ’70 in a bio lab rockin’ Levi’s jeans, a Brooks Brother’s shirt and a killer Jil Sander Coat. One more reason to get pumped for Bio0200 y’all!!

Check out the rest of the slide show here!

Beyond Beyond the Bottle: Brown Loves Vegans!

This past week PETA released it’s Top 10 Most Vegan Friendly Colleges list and guess who made it onto the top 5? Ra Ra Brunonia at number 4 in the Small U.S. Schools category! According to PETA, the vegan population on campus has a lot to be happy about. They give shout outs to the jamaican jerk tempeh and the vegan nuggets, a personal fave. I know passionate chicken finger friday loyals may be hesitant, but these sesame covered nugs are worth a try – even PETA thinks so! They also mention our unveiling of a “range of new vegan baked goods, including vegan  pumpkin cheesecake and brownies.” Calling all carnivores – don’t be afraid to dig in to the vegan treats Brown Dining has to offer! And to all the vegans out there, the best news about PETA’s list may (hopefully) be that it’ll encourage BuDS to keep adding more tasty vegan options to the menu!

The list was created by reviewing PETA’s independent assessments on the quality and quantity of vegan cuisine available on each campus, combined with student votes. So who came in first? UC Santa Cruz topped the large schools list and Northwestern randomly got the top spot for small schools. Brown was preceded by Brandeis at #2 and Georgetown snagged the #3 spot. Our artsy neighbors at RISD received an honorable mention, with particularly good reviews on their food truck. Continue Reading