Snow day for all

In case you didn’t hear the girl screaming “You get a snow day! You get a snow day! We all get a snow day!” like she was Oprah from a deck on Angell St this afternoon, Brown University has cancelled classes for Thursday February 9. A collective sigh from all those with Thursday Orgo lab could also be heard across campus.

Sure, the long-anticipated email was sent before a single snowflake had even fallen from the sky. But the snow-gods had preordained a day of frolicking through the Main Green, sledding on stolen Ratty trays and sipping spiked hot cocoa. To quote Russell Carey, executive vice president of planning and policy, in his mass-email, “The highest intensity snow accumulations and high winds are anticipated during the day tomorrow.”

So like the snow, get intense, Brown U. And by intense, I mean put on your fuzziest pajamas and catch up on the Bachelor episode you missed this Monday (spoilerz: Corinne is still Corinne). Also, maybe send a valentine Russell Carey’s way, because you know you hadn’t even started that big assignment due tomorrow.

But in fact, there are two sacrifices we must make for this holiest of snow-filled sabbaths. First, the Brown Daily Herald will not run a paper. Second, Jo’s will not be open for hot cocoa drunchies. 

 (The Blog Daily Herald does not condone under-aged spiked hot cocoa sipping)