Limewire officially shut down

Remember Napster? Well the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) has done it again. It looks like after its loss in court against the RIAA, Limewire will indeed be shut down after all. We’re sure it’s not hard to guess why… Limewire was charged with copyright infringement and illegal P2P sharing. Even Limewire Pro users, who cranked out about 35 dollars a year for the free music service, will feel the loss of their file sharing service. Bummer. Continue Reading

Time-waster of the day: October 19th, 2010

Sick of the Ratty? Down about the V-Dub? Click. Drool. Repeat… get your food fix. Maybe this will finally persuade you to get a couple bucks together and treat yourself to something a little more tasty. Thank you Food Porn Daily!

Looks like Bruno came home with an A in Sex Ed…

According to Trojan’s fifth annual Sexual Health Report Card, Brown’s been doing pretty well in safe and healthy sex department. Ranked fifth in its class under the #1 Columbia, Bruno pushed up from its 9th spot in 2009 with an astonishing 3.5 GPA! (okay maybe it’s a low A…)

Thought that was a big jump? Harvard is now 16th after its embarrassing 62nd ranking last year… which is fishy to say the least…looks like they got some extra homework help, or finally decide to learn from the best here on College Hill.

What were the criteria, you ask?

They included areas such as STD testing, health center hours, the existence relevant student groups, and the availability of condoms on campus (now you see why our RCs tape them all over their doors).

So, in addition to our high ranks on happiness, looks like we’re also safest and less likely to destroy the hard work that landed us in this prestigious university in the first place. Bruno’s not ready for baby bears quite yet…

If historical events had Facebook statuses

With the emergence of Facebook and Twitter (and mass amounts of Facebook statuses that truly belong on Twitter), people have begun to enjoy tracking everyone’s daily activities and most recent epiphanies on the web. Even celebrities (and pseudo-celebs as well) have opened their worlds to the public eye through these social networking sites.

What if we could take these modes of global communication back hundreds or even thousands of years to a time during which serious history was in the making? has provided the world with simply hilarious potential Facebook statuses from the celebs of the history books including Honest Abe, the Titantic, and Galileo, with added commentary from their closest friends and greatest contenders.

Now, let’s get creative. What do you think some of Brown’s ancient founders and alums would have posted to the Facebook of their time?

We were thinking: Rev. James Manning posts, “Long live Brunonia!” Rev. Elisha Andrews says, “Unfortunately I have just stepped upon that damn Pembroke College Seal, I knew I should have put that somewhere else.” Or even Barnaby C. Keeney writes, “Wednesdayyynightf.. fishhhco!^!*@”