Days are numbered for Au Bon Pain


The death knell tolls for another Thayer Street business, as the Au Bon Pain so familiar to countless Brown students and East Side residents will soon shutter its doors. After 25 years of service in its present location, the café’s lease will expire next Thursday, December 22nd, a store manager confirmed.

2016 has done it again. In the wake of all this year’s misfortunes, Au Bon Pain was always there with an artisanal sandwich or a light pastry for some casual coping: no more. We’re left to wonder, is this the true evil that professional sightseer Kylie Jenner saw for us? How much more are we going to have to realize before this year is over????

A recent notification from Au Bon Pain headquarters spelt the demise for the store, the manager confirmed, because we definitely needed yet another reason to resent the capitalist forces of production wrecking this planet. Is nothing sacred?


The inheritors of the Au Bon Pain space have yet to be found, so if you’re feeling particularly enthusiastic about opening a vape shop, it’s time to suppress those feelings HARD.


In all honesty though, only something as pure as an Insomnia Cookie could fill the void (@InsomniaCookieHQ), but we’ll have to wait to see who comes to occupy the hallowed halls of 223 Thayer until next semester (hopefully).

Our advice? Students still on campus should take advantage of this cheap French fare before the semester ends. Stop by for a cup of coffee before it’s too late and if you can’t, pause for a moment to admire the optimistically yellow Au Bon Pain sign one last time, and remember all that was.

Rhode Island tourism campaign wins at failing

The creative team tasked with rebranding Rhode Island recently rolled out the first pieces of the state’s new tourism campaign. While the team, led by Milton Glaser (creator of the I <3 NY campaign of the 80s), hoped to bring some positive attention to the biggest little state of the union, its efforts turned out bad. Like, really bad.

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