Yikes: An ode to sexual mishaps

The thing about sex is that things tend to get slippery … and not in the way you’re thinking. Okay, yes, in the way you’re thinking, but also in the way I’m thinking. The point is that sex doesn’t always run smoothly; there are bound to be mishaps, and they are bound to be hilarious.

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Color Me ‘Cuffed

As college students, a lot of us are thinking about sex. I mean, obviously. That being said, I have a feeling there’s something we think about way more often than we talk about:

Don’t really know why the spinning is happening, but I dig it.

Yup, that’s right: sex toys.

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Roommate Etiquette: Sex Edition

There are certain etiquette rules essential to being a good roommate: Respect each other’s belongings, keep the space clean, don’t crash into the room at 2 a.m. when they’re sleeping and wake them up — you know, the basics. For many, however, the basics aren’t as expansive as they should be. Today’s major issue: Many roommates don’t bring up sex while discussing their “terms of agreement,” if you will.

Which is a problem, because you need a space to have sex, and, unless you’re the more adventurous sort, that space is typically going to be your room.

Which raises the question: How do you talk to your roommate about your sex life?

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