BlogWeeklyJamz: “You out of state fakes get your iPad stolen”


Jam of the Week Lupe Fiasco – Jonylah Forever
Guns have led to tragedy after tragedy these last few weeks, including the death of 6-month-old Jonylah Watkins in Chicago last Tuesday, to whom Lupe pays tribute in this song.  Kimani Gray was shot to death by cops in Brooklyn last weekend, and waves of protests have been held in East Flatbush all week, though the media has done an insultingly bad job covering this. Tip of the hat to Lupe for talking about shit that matters.

Mashup/Remix Blood Orange – Lay Down in Swimming Pools
Your favorite 90s British girl band Sugababes are back… to reinterpret Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools.” I did NOT see that coming. I also did NOT expect it to be this amazing.

Hip-Hop – Awkwafina – NYC B*tche$
So… Since I’m moving back to NY after I graduate, in great probability to Bushwick, I should probably be offended by her “they all live in Bushwick, they all love Bushwick, but I say fuck that shit” but I’m actually just totally honored to live in the same city as this perfect human.

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BlogWeeklyJamz: “We made pretend we were best friends”

Jam of the Week – Rhye – Open
This song has been around for a while but there’s a new music video. In classic Rhye fashion, the video features a couple dealing with Jonathan Franzen-style bourgeois ennui.

Cover – Azealia Banks – Barely Legal (The Strokes Cover)
I cannnnnnot get over this song. I play it when I’m getting ready for school. I play it when I’m doing homework. It’s simultaneously background noise and the fliest shit in the world. I hope Azealia Banks stops using homophobic language because this secures her place in my heart as an eternal BAMF.

Pop – Perfume – Fake It
The Internet loves Japanese pop-star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and for good reason because she’s the weirdest. But sometimes I want to return to good ol’ uncomplicated J-Pop, and Perfume fills that void perfectly. Plus all three of them are painfully cute and I like seeing them bop around in those little outfits.

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How to be a Real Person: Before you sign the lease

This house's perk: Cozy, cozy, cozy.

Spoiler alert: This is a lot what it’s like.

Becoming an adult means, eventually, living on your own. And no, we don’t mean simply living without parents in a dorm on campus. With Brown Facilities and campus eateries at your disposal, dorm-style living doesn’t exactly constitute an independent lifestyle. So, for those of us with off-campus permission, we bring you How to be a Real Person: bits and pieces of wisdom we’ve picked up on our meandering journey to competent adulthood.

At first, living off-campus seems great. You avoid dealing with the housing lottery’s many changes and delight in the seemingly endless housing choices provided by the Providence real estate market. But then you start calling a few landlords and you realize that if you thought the housing lottery was like The Hunger Games, trying to secure a legit house with your friends can be like trying to buy an extra Spring Weekend ticket.

Most people agree that you have to start looking for an off-campus house about a year in advance. But rumor has it that Brunonians are looking even earlier now. By “rumor,” I mean sophomores are constantly looking at my house to a sign a lease for two years from now.

When a Providence landlord shows you a house, you usually look through a few rooms, explore the common space, and peek into the bathrooms — and then the landlord tells you that three other groups are thinking about the house so you’d better think fast and sign the lease. This fast turnover leaves little time to weigh the pros and cons of each house you explore. What ends up happening is that two years later, you move into your house with your friends and you realize that, as fun as it is to play house [Ed.: really fun], there were a few things you didn’t think about in your scramble to lock down the house. To make that transition as simple and tidy as possible, consider these tips before you move in…

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BlogWeeklyJamz: “Gone with a touch of your hand”

Hip-Hop  Major Lazer – Watch Out For This (Bumaye)
My roommate says the genre of this song is “Bar Mitzvah Revivalism” and that is the most true and hilarious thing I’ve ever heard.  The above video is a promo for the upcoming album — Here’s the full song.

IndieYeah Yeah Yeahs – Sacrilege
I want to make out with her so badly.

Jam of the WeekAtoms for Peace – Ingenue
Well, damn. Thom Yorke never loses his totally weird, intriguing ridiculousness. And that dancer! Around 1:46 when she starts doing a modern dance Tai Chi… I die.

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BlogWeeklyJamz: “Life got crisscrossed, totally crossed out”

Electronic – Haezer – Troublemaker ft. Tumi
There is a strange music video trope of children with superpowers but this is super accurate. I was such a little d-bag in Middle School. If I had Matilda-type powers, I would fuck shit up.

Hip-Hop J. Cole ft. Miguel – Power Trip
Miguel is impossible. If he is anywhere near a song it immediately gets hot and bothered.

Indie – Tanlines – Not the Same
The music video is INTERACTIVE. Goddamn. I spent a half hour on this in Starbucks. The thirty year old dude next to me thinks I’m crazy.

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Pronunciation Manual: Brown U. edition

If you know anything about the goofy side of the Internet, you’ve probably seen Pronunciation Manual — the how-to guide for pronouncing words wrong better. So we recruited comedian Bennett Ferris ’13 and made some similarly instructional videos for hard-to-pronounce Brown University words. To all the frosh (…and seniors? Let’s be real—you still don’t know how to pronounce Smitty B’s more sophisticated name) who have trouble with these words: you’re welcome. Find more of these horribly wrong pronunciations of words in the Brunonian lexicon after the jump.

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