PW presents Company: “I’d like to propose a toast…”

“It’s the little things you do together, that make perfect relationships,” sings Alexis Shusterman ’13 as the jaded and boozy Joanne, and though she’s crooning sarcastically about the creeping and crippling frustrations of marriage, she might as well be referring to the fascinating relationships among the characters in PW’s production of Company premiering tonight in the Downspace.

Relationships stand at the center of this swanky metropolitan 1970s musical, and the care with which each actor has taken in crafting his/her character and creating the unique and captivating relationships with every member of the cast pulls the audience in from the moment the lights go up.

With brides conflicted about an impending wedding, housewives contemplating the philosophy of marriage while smoking pot, flight attendents grappling with one-night stands, or a young man facing a life of perpetual bachelor-dom, Company is jam-packed with complex mature relationships expertly acted by the ensemble cast. Continue Reading

B(ee)autiful ‘Bee’ at the PW Downspace

The 25tr Anuall Puttnamn Counti Spellingh Bie, sorry, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee directed by Emily Kassie ’14 finished its four night run with a side-splitting, heartwarming and just plain f-u-n finale Monday at the PW Downspace. Spelling Bee, which revolves around the titular Bee and the six eager spellers who yearn to take home the coveted trophy, is filled with strong performances and equally dazzling musical numbers thanks to the musical direction of Diego Ramos Rosas ’12. Each speller honestly portrays a particular adolescent insecurity and an unbridled enthusiasm for life as they are skillfully guided through the competitive process by Rona Lisa Peretti and Vice Principal Douglas Panch, played by Ellora Vilkin ’14 and Will Ruehle ’13, respectively. It might not be Scripps, but it surely has songs. More on the Bee after the jump. Continue Reading

Didn’t “Friday” come out more than four minutes ago?

A recent article published by the satirical newspaper The Onion cited a study done by our very own MCM department:

According to a study released this week by Brown University’s Department of Modern Culture and Media, it now takes only four minutes for a new cultural touchstone to transform from an amusing novelty into an intensely annoying thing people never want to see or hear again.

Clearly this is fake as the study mentions nothing about semiotics, Walter Benjamin or the gender politics behind Dude Where’s My Car.

Additionally, say what you will about “Friday,” but Rebecca Black is making BANK.

Introducing: BearDailyHerald

Over the past few weeks, you may have noticed a familiar, handsome face making appearances in a number of BlogDailyHerald posts as well as on Twitter and Facebook.  Since his likeness has first graced the Blog, he has provided the organization with a new sense of grit, tenacity and a love of honey. For these reasons, it is our great honor to introduce BlogDailyHerald’s new mascot: BearDailyHerald.

BearDailyHerald (aka, Bear, BearDaily, Dat Daily Bear, or BearDH for short) is now the face of the Blog, and frankly, we could not have made a better choice.   Continue Reading

New Chipotle sign is up!

Even though the opening date was pushed back to December 8th, Chipotle on Thayer has put up some snazzy new signs which are sure to make any passing student’s mouth water. Continue Reading

Restaurant review: Toledo

If you’ve spent any time walking up or down Thayer this year, then you have most certainly been posed with the question: “What exactly is a cone zone?” For months, Brown pedestrians have asked themselves what the mysterious new “Mediterranean Experience” undergoing construction might be. An ice cream parlor? An Italian themed laser park extravaganza? The possibilities were limitless… Continue Reading