Lee ’12 wins UFB vice-chair position in runoff

Jason Lee ’12 won 58.2 percent of the vote to become vice-chair of the Undergraduate Finance Board over Tyler Rosenbaum ’11. Only 455 votes were cast.

Diane Mokoro ’11 to be UCS president

The leaders of student government for next year were announced today at 3:30 on the steps of Manning Hall.

Leadership Positions:

Undergraduate Council of Students President: Diane Mokoro ’11, 67.9 percent of the vote
UCS Vice President: Ben Farber ’12, 57.9 percent
Undergraduate Finance Board Chair: Adam Kiki-Charles ’11, 57.4 percent
UFB Vice Chair: No candidate garnered over 50 percent of the vote, so there will be a runoff between Tyler Rosenbaum ’11 and Jason Lee ’12 beginning on Monday.

UCS committee chairs:

AAA Chair: Eden Castro ’12: 54.7 percent
ASS Chair: Chris Collins ’11, 58.9 percent
SA Chair: Ralanda Nelson ’12, 53.5 percent
Treasurer: Ilyas Khimani ’13 (unopposed race)

UFB at-large representatives (unopposed race)

Devin Finzer ’13
Kelly Wess ’11
Raaj Parekh ’13
Michael Perchonok ’12
Zachary Fischer ’13
David Chanin ’12

The referendum to add instant runoff procedures for next year was also passed with 81.7 percent of the vote.

More coverage to follow in Monday’s Herald!

Time-waster of the day: April 20, 2010

Some other plants for you to enjoy, seems apropos for 4/20.

LSU throws a curve-ball at professor who doesn’t curve

An LSU professor who doesn’t curve even if everyone fails and gives ten answer choices (‘a’ through ‘j’!) on a multiple-choice exam because she doesn’t believe students should benefit from guessing?  In an age of grade inflation, 90 percent of students failing an exam doesn’t seem possible.  Apparently, administrators at LSU don’t think it’s fair either.  Professor Dominique Homberger was removed from teaching the course with little warning after the administration received a large number of student complaints. But do students have too much say nowadays in their grades?  Is a degree as deserved as it used to be?

The cloudier, the better?

A study conducted by UPenn professor Uri Simonsohn found that students are more likely to attend a school if they visit when it is cloudy. If this is the case, today’s gloomy, unattractive weather would have been sure to snag some newly-accepted students for next year.

Record-setting rainfall totals in Providence

Most Brunonians are now back home or relaxing at a sunny vacation spot for spring break.  But back in Providence, a record amount of rain has fallen. Providence has received over 7.9 inches of rain in a 36 hour period, according to the ProJo 7 to 7 News Blog. Rainfall across New England has led to flooding, home evacuations and school closures. But the end is in sight. The high in Providence is supposed to approach 70 degrees this weekend and will be in the 60s for our return next week.