Alums who do cool things: Nico Jaar ’12 in the New York Times

On a more personal note, I would like to mention that Nico concentrated in Comparative Literature (as does this Blogger), went to high school across the street from my apartment in New York, and is making music rather than writing about it, also known as living a better version of my life.

Brown University’s own Nico Jaar ’12 received a glowing profile in the New York Times yesterday, a bittersweet milestone meaning he has officially taken flight out of the Brown University hipster nest and made it big in the real world.

Actually, the process was well underway even back in 2011, when he made Pitchfork’s best new music list. We were lucky to have him for a few spring weekends in the past, but he is quickly becoming a tough act to snag. The New York Times recounts his rise to fame (he apparently is huge in Europe, and I encountered posters of him all over Istanbul in May), and the article showcases the debut album from his recent collaborations with fellow Brunonian Dave Harrington, under the moniker Darkside.

More Brunonians in the NYT: Janet Yellen ’67 was featured several times this week in the Times (well, obviously), and Michael Dickinson’s ’84 cool fruit fly obsession was chronicled in this article Monday.

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BlogDailyHeard: Fall Weekend Pronk! edition

What Cheer? Brigade and a dozen brass bands from around the world are set to tear up Wickenden Street this Monday.

If you are stuck in Providence this weekend and are somehow getting bored with drinking and watching Fox News by the time Monday rolls around, I’ve got just the ticket for you. This weekend boasts two Brass Festivals: Honk on Saturday and Sunday throughout Massachusetts, and Pronk! on Monday in Providence, are bringing over a dozen brass bands of international renown to our region, including Providence faves What Cheer? Brigade. Bear with me while I explain why you should care.

Nothing could be farther from your high school brass band.

Nothing could be further from your high school brass band.

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BlogDailyHeard: The 20/20 Experience, ‘The Speed of Things’, and BCA

BlogDailyHeard is a brief, periodic update on some things musical, with no pretentions of comprehensiveness; merely intended to give people something to sound knowledgeable about at dinner. Posts will typically include some combination of musical events too large to ignore, events that deserve some time in the spotlight, and/or happenings at Brown or in Providence.

We See You, JT:

Starting, inevitably, with the most blockbusting event of the past week or so, is Justin Timberlake’s latest outing, The 20/20 Experience – 2 of 2. If you were to accuse me of writing about this album a little late in the game, I would redirect the blame unto Justin himself, citing the very length of the album itself as my cause for tardiness. This disc, which is only half of the entire “experience,” clocks in at an impressive 74:25 (most albums hover in the 40-minute range). To see out of both eyes (The 20/20 Experience – 1 of 2 was released this past March), you need to listen to over 144 minutes of music. Why so long, Justin? You’re talented, and you’re cool, you really are, and we know it. We want to hear you, but not four times as much of you as we hear of anybody else.

Dare we wonder what are you trying to compensate for, Justin? Wasn’t the size of your box proof enough?

Dare we wonder what are you trying to compensate for, Justin? Wasn’t the size of your box proof enough?

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FlogDailyHerald: The Hapless Hegeman Bathroom Redesign of 2013


We have come a long way over centuries, nay, millennia of bathroom technology, but it would appear that many of humanity’s advancements in the lavatory trade were overlooked by the rogues who plotted the Hapless Hegeman Bathroom Redesign of 2013. Its shiny, unsullied veneer was certainly alluring in early September, but lo, a mere few hours’ use revealed these new bathrooms to be horrifically botched. Bear with me as I begin my jeremiad by highlighting the most absurd of the many flaws.

The newly renovated Hegeman restroom facility.

The newly renovated Hegeman restroom facility.

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How the Grinch stole Fall Concert

(BlogDH) Fall ConcertBut don’t fret: it might be good news.

Each year, amid the incoming flurry of freshmen trying to locate Wriston in groups of no fewer than ten and the aloof pockets of seniors spurning campus in favor of shadier spots like “Transit St.,” Brown Concert Agency’s Fall Concert seems to come out of nowhere. As a single-night event (without the debauched reputation of Spring Weekend) featuring smaller-name bands, the thrill of finding out about the underpublicized Fall Concert is usually accompanied by the thrill of finding out there are still tickets available. Perhaps the epitome of BCA’s fall shows, at least in recent memory, was Big Boi’s 2010 performance—and Real Estate in 2011 was nothing to scoff at.

This year, however, BCA’s Fall Concert will not creep up on us as it has in the past. Not because they are doing a better job spreading the word, but rather because there will be no Fall Concert at allContinue Reading