I KNEAD Doughnuts

KNEAD Doughnuts is an artistry doughnut shop located in downtown Providence. They specialize in beautifully simplistic donuts in flavors like Old-Fashioned, Cake, Brioche, Filled, and Frittered.

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Baja’s vs. Baja’s

At Brown, not liking Baja’s is unheard of. The menu covers everything from TexMex (obviously) to hotdogs (um, not so obvious). Although I stick to quesadillas, many of my friends have daringly- and often drunkenly- tested their fries, hotdogs, burgers, and Philly cheesesteaks. All of their responses have been a similarly appreciative “Mmmm” while they stuff their faces.

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Durk’s on Thayer

The addition of BBQ to College Hill’s menu is the latest change to hit Thayer over winter break. Durk’s Bar-B-Q is now located at 275 Thayer, where Shark Sushi Bar used to be. Since I love food, I was eager to try out the new kid on the block.

Instead of a big shark on Thayer, now there are two big pigs.


I went here on Friday night for dinner with my friend. I immediately noticed Durk’s casual feel thanks to the set-up and comfort food.  It’s a great place to bring someone on a first date or when your parents are in town due to the fancier ambiance, craft cocktails, and price. A hostess seats you and gives you a menu and pencil to fill out your order card. After you fill it out, you bring it to the open-front-kitchen and wait for them to prepare your table’s food. The server only deals with your drink order and the bill. A lot of customers seemed to be confused about this process and the tipping procedure.

Now, you know how to go about ordering at Durk’s and now I can tell you to not be a shitty person, so tip 20%.


I ordered the brisket sandwich with coleslaw and cornbread. The sandwich was very good – the bun is fresh and the brisket melts in your mouth, though I wish the portion of brisket was more generous, considering it’s BBQ. Pro tip: Top it with Durk’s sauce to get some heat and sweetness in every bite. The coleslaw was well-seasoned and very sweet, and it complemented the sandwich well. The cornbread was delicious (I mean, who doesn’t love cornbread?). It wasn’t in a loaf, or a slice, or in a muffin form.  Rather, it was in the shape of a mini tart, so every bite included the crust, which was warm and topped with a dime of honey butter. Unfortunately, you only get a small piece for $3 and I could have eaten about ten of them.  My friend ate her food so quickly that I couldn’t try a bite of her ribs or mac and cheese.


We could have eaten so much more


I wish I were old enough to enjoy some of their craft cocktails. I know my dad would love the place just for having a Wisconsin Brandy Old Fashioned on the menu. Next time my parents are in town, I’m sure they will want to check it out.

I recommend that you try Durk’s take-out. I think that the process of ordering, price, and portions would make for a great dinner that’s a little nicer than normal (think something between Nice Slice and Andreas). Stopping by Durk’s just for cornbread may be my new thing.


Deluise Bakery

This is part of a “Mini-Donut” series, brought to you by Brown Donut Club (pending approval).

Even after dressing up as a donut three times over Halloween weekend, I still wasn’t sick of them. In fact, I was due to eat one because it had been over a week since I’ve had a delectable donut, so I visited Providence’s DeLuise Bakery.

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Donut get a food tattoo

Posted on the “Brown University Class of 2018” page. No one reached out to me.

Last year, my dad and I got our first tattoos together — a matching sun. Less than a year later, my dad turned that into a sleeve and I ended up with two more tattoos. We decided it was time for another father-daughter tat. This time, we got matching donut tattoos!

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I went to KUNG FU TEA everyday for a week just because of this article and here’s what happened:

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