4/20: Try again in 12 hours

Anyone headed toward the Main Green through Lincoln Field at 4:20am this morning to partake in any sort of celebratory ritual would likely be turned away as squad cars decorated the top of Lincoln, flashing lights illuminated clouds of smoke and officers shone their flashlights on students out on the grass–or inhaling it.

At 4:21am, megaphones blared as officers instructed all congregated students to return to their dorms.

“Start moving,” one called. He mentioned arrests, and asked who wanted to be first.

Students started trudging across Lincoln like moping elementary schoolers during a fire drill.

The officer then said something to the effect of: “We would put a stop to that stuff in the street. It’s the real world.”

This may have been a jarring alert to everyone on Lincoln Field who in fact did not think they were in the real world at that time.

Police officers at the scene declined to comment on the event.

LIVE: Housing Lottery, Night One

The Housing Lottery begins at 6 p.m. tonight in Sayles Hall. Blog Daily Herald is here to report live on the highs, the lows, the destruction of friendships and the shaping of the residential future of the older half of the undergraduate student body.

Thus concludes our coverage of the 2010 Housing Lottery, Upperclassmen edition. With a couple hundred lottery numbers to go, tensions high and freshmen shaking in their boots, tune in on Monday night for more minute-by-minute coverage of all the drama. In the meantime, let us know how you did — and who’s ranking highly on your hit list.

Caramel cookie competition

Anyone perusing the selection at the Blue Room, Meeting Street Cafe, or Blue State this school year may have noticed the caramel waffle cookies with the Van Wafels label. As the Herald reported last semester, two Brown students came together to create the cookies and build the company. While the young entrepreneurs told the Herald last semester that their cookies — stroopwafels — are popular in Amsterdam but rare in the states, the trend has now been picked up by a world-wide coffee shop Goliath. The stroopwafel has traveled as far west in Europe as Sevilla, Spain, where every Starbucks offers a product almost identical to the Van Wafels creation:

If Starbucks on Thayer catches wind of the craze, Van Wafels might be in for some heavy competition.

What Would You Do To Get Into Thete?

Would you lie face down on the floor of the Ratty with a tray of full glasses of water balancing on your back? Would you lie there, helpless, while your brothers-to-be jeered and cheered?  Would you lie there, dependent on the mercy of passersby — Gail and other Ratty workers included — to remove the water one glass at a time?

This guy would.

That’s some serious pledge loyalty. Take note, Theta Delta Chi.