Time-waster of the day: December 5, 2012

Despite the lack of a working fireplace in the room (Brown is an intellectually stimulating but flame retardant school), UCS has been holding a series of fireside chats with Brown’s most impressive/interesting/scandalous people, and so it’s only natural that they would end up getting access to our new Supreme Chancellor, Christina Paxson. Yesterday UCS posted to their Facebook page a 6:30 clip jam-packed with the stuff you won’t find on Paxson’s CV. She was in a freshman-senior relationship! She has a personal trainer! She likes ice cream! And so on, into the abyss of throwaway questions.

However, nestled in the midst of the softballs being lobbed thick and slow is a glowing, white-hot fastball. At the 5:06 mark of the interview, the UCS representatives pull a quick one on Christina, and ask her to choose sides on a terrifyingly polarizing issue, a true puzzler submitted by yours truly: Spider-Man or Batman? Tune in above to see whether Paxson sides with DC or Marvel, 1% or kid-next-door, vigilante or lovable freak. We’ve found out her true character, folks…

Arboreal Apocalypse 2012: And so it begins…

Grab your secular bulletproof vests and clutch your crucifix a little tighter. The first shot of the annual War on Christmas has been fired, right here in the state of Rhode Island.

That is, if Bill O’Reilly is to be believed.

I mean, this is a man who reports on things called “Supreme Rulings.” We’ve given him too much power to NOT believe him.

In Bill’s Talking Points Memo on Tuesday, he called out Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee ’75 P’14 for referring to the big thing with branches and lights in the State House as a “holiday tree,” rather than a dangerously partisan “Christmas tree.” This isn’t the first time this has happened. Last year protesters interrupted some happy kids with a pointedly religious rendition of “O Christmas Tree,” and on Tuesday Bill claimed he’d have people stationed in the crowd as soon as he found out the date of this year’s ceremony. Well, he’s out of luck on that front: in a surprise assault on the forces of the faithful, today Chafee gave a half-hour warning and basically just flipped a switch on the way to lunch, no questions asked.

Think that’s the end of the story? Fool! Holiday skirmishes don’t end that easily. Continue Reading

PollerBears: It’s Turkey Week!

He’s no Julia Child, but that is not what Thanksgiving requires of us.

Thanksgiving brings out humanity’s greatest dreams. Warm dreams of stuffing. Heavenly dreams of a week without homework and 9 a.m. hell. Patriotic dreams of football and post-dinner postgame shows. Oh, and I suppose there’s that one insane kid dreaming of turduckens (see above image). So, do us a favor and let us know where your flights of fancy are taking you this Turkey Week…

It's Thanksgiving! What are you looking forward to the most during Turkey Week?

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Time-waster of the day: November 16, 2012

Dodge this.

There’s a new Bond out, yo. He spies on things, he smack talks things, he runs away from things, and he has a terrible mother-son relationship with Judi Dench. What we can’t forget, though, is how many incarnations of J.B. there were before Daniel Craig’s blonde hair and blue eyes captured our hearts. This mesmerizing GIF gets you acquainted with the smooth – and not so smooth – moves of each man as he stares down the most famous gun barrel in history.

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Free food digest: November 14, 2012

Eat free or dine trying.

A Day in the Life of a Medical Student
5-6:30 p.m.

Get a glimpse at the shockingly exciting lives of medical students while enjoying Pizza Pie-er. Or something like that.

Art of Science Biomed Exhibit
Sidney Frank
5-7 p.m.

What is it with medical things and free food today? Whatever, they’ll have refreshments, and some type of artwork that you can astutely critique.

Urban Studies DUG: “The Iconic Ghetto” with Professor Elijah Anderson
29 Manning St.
7-8 p.m.

The always classic “light refreshments” will be ripe for the picking starting at 6:30, but feel free to stay late if “leading urban ethnographers” is a phrase that trips your trigger.

Free food digest: November 7, 2012

Now that you’ve voted, eat free or dine trying.

Pride in Business Kickoff
Salomon 203
5:30-6:30 p.m.

Learn about inclusivity in the business world while chowing down on free Chipotle.

Urban Studies DUG: Urban Music Festivals in Nashville, Austin, and Newport
Urban Studies Seminar Room, 29 Manning St.
7-8 p.m.

Arrive at 6:30 for the food, then listen to some musical wisdom from Jay Sweet, producer of the Newport Folk Festival and founder of the Sweet & Doggett music consulting firm.