Ugly bear takes Ruth Simmons hostage

As if leaving home behind and transitioning to college life didn’t already precipitate a strange haze of nostalgia or create plenty of emotional trauma, students beginning their U. experience in September will be greeted by a most hideous addition to campus: Urs Fischer’s “Untitled (Lamp/Bear),” the freakish baby-blue bear-lamp sculpture that will make our home its home for the next FIVE YEARS.

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Adoch and 4/20 collide

4/20 falls during ADOCH this year. Or, rather, ADOCH falls during 4/20, quite possibly the most important holiday for Brown students and those who enjoy a little “reefer madness” here and there.

Of course, with ADOCH come pre-frosh, as well as the parents of said pre-frosh. The race is on to see which host gets asked for weed first. Brownie points to the set of parents that ask to join the rotation on the Main Green. Double brownie points if they are with their kids.

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Alums release Trump diss track to the tune of Hamilton

Take a seat, Lin Manuel-Miranda. Brown alums just trumped your hit musical – literally.

Rad Motel, a New York-based comedy sketch group founded at Brown, released a parody video of the opening number from Hamilton about “Motherfucking Donald Trump.”

The simultaneous rises of Hamilton and Trump leave ample room for creative commentary. Trump, now infamous for the racist, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim rhetoric that he’s spewed along the campaign trail, is the antithesis of Manuel-Miranda’s musical about a self-educated biracial immigrant who entered the country with nothing, rose to political prominence, penned some of the most important documents in American history and is now immortalized as a founding father of this nation.

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Thayer Street Chipotle damaged by ruptured pipes

The Chipotle Mexican Grill on Thayer Street closed temporarily Wednesday due to leaking water contaminating the facilities. Dean Martineau, a property manager from Capstone Properties and manager of the third floor of the building, said the exterior water lines froze due to the cold over the previous weekend. As the weather rapidly warmed, the pipes ruptured and began leaking for a small length of time, he added.

The leak started on the third floor and descended through the building. A team from Rapid Response Restoration — a firm specializing in “disaster restoration and reconstruction of insured property damaged by fire, flood, smoke, wind or mold” according to its website — arrived at the scene mid-morning Wednesday to assess the damage and begin repairs.

Martineau said the team will work “around the clock” to get the facilities back in order. Along with repairing the pipes, the team also has to clean and dry the water from the ceilings and carpets, Martineau said. He added that the cost of the renovations will likely be in the thousands, though he does not know for sure.

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