12 Days of Spring Weekend: Don’t underestimate Dan Deacon


With his oversized frames and propensity for knitwear, Dan Deacon might come off as a relic from the days four to five years ago when ‘hipster’ was still a valid social label. Yet looks can be deceiving. His unkempt beard screams dilettante, but his electronic compositions scream transistor-loving Beethoven. In his concerts, he becomes a conductor of a full synthetic orchestra and as well as the party motivator every Bar Mitzvah yearns for. You can’t sit down during a Dan Deacon show—it is nearly impossible. In other words, that typical Saturday grogginess should be no problem as long as you catch his set. Continue Reading

Seniors: Saturday is Prom Night

The 2014 Class Board is putting on a prom, which will be in Alumnae Hall this Saturday at 9 p.m. Prom will 90s-themed, which means there will be many Clarissas and Powerpuff Girls and lots of guys in big t-shirts and pastel hoodies claiming to be extras from Saved By the Bell. The event is free and open to seniors at 9 (and the rest of undergrads after 11—Brown ID required for entry) and the Facebook invite promises a night of 90s music with two cash bars. While you could just sit in your room and watch some Johnny Bravo while streaming a 90s Pandora playlist, this is much better. But seriously, it’s “prom tonight do-do-do-doodoo” [See video above.]

Sans Meal Plan: Steak Night

Given the amount of Scrubs I watched back in high school, I almost never think about it. For all the inside jokes and times I pissed myself laughing, Scrubs is sits deep in the recesses of my pop culture knowledge —back next to Salute Your Shorts, The Jersey or Don’t Look Under the Bed. In fact, I think about hating Zach Braff more than I think about Scrubs itself. Or I think about John C. McGinley in the abstract (because that’s where he looks best). There is one occasion on which I think about Scrubs immediately and without fail. That occasion is Steak Night. Continue Reading

Know your Lecture Board Fall Speaker Poll candidates: Guy Fieri

Where would our culture be without Guy Fieri? Probably the same place, but cultural superfluity is always more fun than cultural necessity. Guy Fieri has left an indelible mark on the United States of America. Guy came up with “Donkey Sauce”– the only way to make a mustard-mayo combo seem more like animal semen than it already does. Guy created a Times Square amusement restaurant, which will forever go down in the pantheon of food criticism because Pete Wells was having a particularly bad day. Guy hosts a show that talks up neighborhood places as long as they aren’t run by minorities or gays. Guy taught Food Network that its audience would accept a chef whose cooking talent was inversely proportional to the amount of “bling” on his or her body.

In essence, Guy Fieri is the quintessential 21st century television personality: got his start on a competition show, parlayed his 15 minutes into several years and is now deeply loved by half of America and reviled by the others. So the question now is: why wouldn’t you want to grill this guy (or douse him with verbal donkey sauce) at a Lecture Board lecture? Take a big bite out of Guy and vote Fieri on the Lecture Board Poll!

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Sans Meal Plan: The Anti-Recipe

Bearhead Cooking Meme

I have a pet theory that might get me crucified by the Internet’s profoundly outspoken food community: young people hate cooking because of recipes. Sure, people hate cooking for several other reasons: “fucking” dishes, “it doesn’t taste good,” “fuck buying groceries”…I could go on forever. But I still firmly believe that at the end of a hard day of passive lectures or massive reading or tedious entry-level work, the last thing a young person wants to do is whip out The Joy of Cooking and get some chicken pot pie going (if you are that kind of person don’t bother hitting the jump). The following is a manifestolisticle of the anti-recipe school of cooking—for the school of cooking that treats meal-creation as just that: meal creation. Rachael Ray invented the 30-minute meal, Paula Deen crafted Diabetes for Dummies, and now I’m going to explain how to cook intelligently and efficiently as a college student. Continue Reading

A Cool Thing You Shouldn’t Miss: Andy Hunt ’04 on Warby Parker


Now that we’re knee deep in finals commotion wouldn’t it be nice to take a break and hear a wildly successful Brown alumnus talk about his eyeglass business? Of course it would! Andy Hunt ’04 will be leading a discussion in Petteruti Lounge tonight at 6:30 p.m.on his various experiences as an entrepreneur. His coolest role is undoubtedly that of co-founder of Warby Parker, an online eyeglass company that emphasizes retro frames (think Don Draper/Truman Capote/Gatsby swag) and affordable prices. If you’re looking for another good study break today, take a minute (or an hour) perusing the company’s many styles. Glasses porn may not be a thing, but this site comes close enough. While the specs surely attract the young adult crowd, they’re also familiar enough to appeal to just about anybody, which is probably why the business recently expanded with its first brick and mortar location. As the talk is sponsored by Brown and RISD entrepreneurship groups, Hunt will surely have plenty of advice for how to get a promising concept off the ground. If you need further proof that your 20-page final research paper on [_insert esoteric topic here_] means nothing, be sure not to miss this cool thing. Once more: Today (Tuesday, May 7) in Petteruti at 6:30.

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