B(ee)autiful ‘Bee’ at the PW Downspace

The 25tr Anuall Puttnamn Counti Spellingh Bie, sorry, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee directed by Emily Kassie ’14 finished its four night run with a side-splitting, heartwarming and just plain f-u-n finale Monday at the PW Downspace. Spelling Bee, which revolves around the titular Bee and the six eager spellers who yearn to take home the coveted trophy, is filled with strong performances and equally dazzling musical numbers thanks to the musical direction of Diego Ramos Rosas ’12. Each speller honestly portrays a particular adolescent insecurity and an unbridled enthusiasm for life as they are skillfully guided through the competitive process by Rona Lisa Peretti and Vice Principal Douglas Panch, played by Ellora Vilkin ’14 and Will Ruehle ’13, respectively. It might not be Scripps, but it surely has songs. More on the Bee after the jump. Continue Reading