What’s brewing: SW Sunday update

Update: April 18. Average temperature for Spring Weekend has climbed back up to 61 degrees. Still no rain projected, though both days are now showing a 20 percent chance of precipitation. But, like, that’s still an 80 percent chance of no precipitation, so we’re still good.

What’s brewing: Spring Weekend storm watch update

Late night update: April 17. The temperature projection falls. It’s just one degree on both days, and there’s still no rain, but the average temperature for Spring Weekend is now 60 degrees, which is definitely colder than what the average estimate was earlier today (61 degrees). And we’re not panicking yet, but the chance of precipitation on Saturday has risen to 20 percent. Gulp.

What’s brewing: Spring Weekend storm watch

Thar she blows! With less than a week to go until we lay it down…izzle, all eyes are on the weather forecast. Last year, BCA waited until the Wednesday before Spring Weekend to decide both shows could be held outside on the Main Green, releasing 3,000 more tickets for increased  debauchery enjoyment. And, if the procedure is anything like last year’s, the tickets will be sold in person. We’re hoping the human vendors won’t crash like the Web site did last month.

So what’s percolating in the heavens? We’ll keep you posted. Here. All week.

Update: April 17. Weather’s looking good. With temperatures hovering around the 60s, and no rain in sight, the outlook for an al fresco weekend is excellent.

Spoiler alert!: Ratty chocolate milk goes bad

Chocolate milkDisgruntled eaters were met with a most unpleasant surprise at breakfast this morning when they went to quench their thirst at the Ratty’s milk dispenser. Apparently, after a student complained that the chocolate milk “tasted very funny,”   one of the Ratty employees smelled the bag of curdled goo and, according to the student, discovered the milk had expired during Spring Break. Ew.

Though the chocolate milk has since been replaced, it might be safest to stick with the coffee milk for now. Not only is it the official state drink of Rhode Island, it’s also definitely a more appetizing shade of Brown.


Seven (mostly) serious questions we want to ask Ruth at the UCS State of Brown address

State of Brown InvitationOn Thursday, President Ruth Simmons will deliver the State of Brown address at 4 p.m. in Salomon 101 on behalf of the Undergraduate Council of Students. Simmons will hold a Q & A session after she speaks about the University’s current state of affairs and her vision for the future. Here are seven serious questions for Simmons:

1) When you came to Brown in 2001, you introduced the Plan for Academic Enrichment as a way to raise the University’s national profile as a research institution. As you get ready to begin your tenth year as president, do you think the Plan has been effective?

2) During last month’s Corporation meeting, a number of initiatives were approved that directly influence research and graduate programs. How will the University continue to advance its research mission while maintaining its commitment to undergraduates?

3) It’s clear that Brown’s commitment to creating a “knowledge economy” in Providence will benefit the intellectual community. How will it benefit undergraduates?

4)  At the beginning of the Plan, you said you wanted to revolutionize graduate education so it would correspond with the New Curriculum. How, if at all, have you accomplished this?

5) Despite the economy and rising tuition costs, the number of applicants to the University has skyrocketed. How has the Plan contributed to this increase?

6) You are traveling to India during spring break for the first meeting of the recently formed India Advisory Council, whose purpose is to increase outreach and boost alumni support. What will you emphasize to the Council in terms of achieving these aims?

7) Ratty or V-Dub?

Norway wears the pants

If you think that guy wearing chainmail in your 9 a.m. biology class has an interesting fashion sense, wait until you see the pants on the Norwegian Olympic Curling Team. The brainchild of Scott Woodworth ’82, these Argyle knickers caused a red, white and blue stir the world over as the team vacuumed — er — curled its way to a silver medal on Feb. 27 in Vancouver.Curling

Woodworth designed the outlandish pantaloons for his company, Loudmouth Golf, which he founded in 2000. The Norwegian team apparently saw Woodworth’s Web site and ordered pants in the country’s colors. And though the team didn’t snag gold from the boringly black-pants clad Canadian powerhouse, at least the Norwegians did it with more style.

Take that, chainmail dude.