Blog Goes Abroad: Oktoberfest


You might have noticed some photos like the above clogging your newsfeed this week. For all those juniors on-campus who feel confused (and annoyed) about Oktoberfest, we’re republishing an old post that puts the #abroad drinking fest in Brown terms.  Two blog writers attended the event in Munich, Germany a few years ago, and in a beer-induced nostalgia for Brown, they compared the infamous event to aspects of Brown’s social scene, including the Whiskey Republic, a frat basement party, and Spring Weekend’s Dave Binder concert.  

The differences between Oktoberfest and the three aforementioned Brown social venues are obvious—Oktoberfest takes place in Munich, Germany in tents that hold up to 10,000 people. However, you may be surprised to learn just how many “comforts” of home we found in such a foreign landscape of debauchery.  Among the lederhosen and drindls, we literally stumbled upon the same infamous characters and qualities that are quintessential to the Brown party scene:

1. Oktoberfest vs. Whisko

  • Aggressive bouncers: Count your lucky stars that Whiskey’s bouncers aren’t German-speaking, whistle-wielding body builders from hell. These guys were literally employed by Satan himself. Who thought we’d miss the sassy Whisko guards that we’ve all come to know and hate/love?
  • Bathroom stampede: We all know that the girls’ bathroom at Whiskey is always a shit-show. Well, that has NOTHING on the corralling of females taking place behind the scenes at Oktoberfest. We use the word “corralling” intentionally: the stalls were literally in a barn off the tent and we were but helpless cattle. If you weren’t careful, you could be dragged out of a sneaky back door under the false promise that there were “extra stalls” outside. Once outside, you became crudely aware of the fact that there was no getting back in. Let’s just say that only the most dire bladder pains would tempt us into that bathroom. Oh to be back in the toilet-paper-strewn, overcrowded restroom of the Whiskey Republic.

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Senior Send-off: Revisiting the archives


Then + Now

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Instagram; in fact, I basically wrote my senior honors thesis on the topic. I’m incredibly nit-picky about how each photo is composed, filtered, captioned, and what it looks like with the rest of the photos in my account. The beauty of Instagram, and other social media platforms, is that we can edit our own experiences and curate a narrative for our friends and followers.

The camera roll in my iPhone tells another story – more specifically, the story of my college career, from start to finish. These images have documented the various events, friendships, ups, and downs of my life over the past four years. I can usually remember exactly how I was feeling during the moments in which each picture was captured; sometimes, I can even recall specific conversations that took place that day. My photos allow me to evoke highlights and victories, but also low-points and mistakes.

In the last episode of season four of Girls, Hannah Horvath tells an infant: “I can’t guarantee perfection, but I can guarantee intrigue.” (It’s only appropriate that I include a Girls quote, since my first-ever BlogDH post was the inaugural installment of “Lessons in the Girls Lexicon.”)

My college career hasn’t been perfect; I’m not sure that anyone’s is. I was EMS’d during orientation, I’ve had turbulent relationships – both with my friends and boys – and I made the mistake of taking ENGN1010 during second semester of Senior year.

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Sans Meal Plan: Spiced red lentil, tomato, and kale soup

You may be thinking to yourself, “A soup recipe? But that’s so wintery and it’s already March 2nd!” And to that I say, “Same.” But the fact of that matter is, the weather is still heinous, and soup – especially this yummy, filling one – can make us feel at least a bit better about the cold temps and mountains of snow.

This spiced red lentil, tomato, and kale soup, adapted from Oh She Glows, can be made in under 40 minutes and yields about 5-6 cups. It’s satisfying as a standalone dish, but would also pair nicely with salad or roasted veggies.

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6 ways to freshen up your winter boots

I’m sick of the snow. I’m sick of the slush. I’m sick of having to take turns on the sidewalk when someone is coming in the opposite direction. But most of all, I’m sick of wearing my fugly snow boots.

It would be one thing if I was restricted to wearing my Converse — at least they’re passably cute and match with everything! Instead, I’m forced to trudge around campus with sheepskin-lined weights on my feet that would make a lumberjack cringe. Okay, they’re not terrible — I’ve seen worse — but everything is good in moderation, as they say, and I surpassed moderation about 2.5 weeks ago.

I know that I’m not the only one in this predicament, so I’ve created a fun list of DYI tips for sprucing up your feet prisons!!!

1) Bedazzled Boots

Buy some plastic jewels from your local craft store and glue, glue, glue! Use hot glue for a long-lasting masterpiece. Bonus: if you burn yourself badly enough, you’ll have a great excuse for missing class, and won’t have to go outside / wear your boots in the first place!  


2) Cute Cut-outs

First decide what pattern you want — edgy triangles? Playful circles? Your roommate’s silhouette? Next, grab a pair of hardware scissors and start hacking. Really go at it! In fact, don’t stop until there’s not even a boot left to cut anymore!

3) Charming Char

Rustic is timeless. An easy and cheap way to achieve this look is charring the lining of your boots for a smoky finish that screams vintage. To begin, run a lit match or lighter along the top rim of your boots. Then, go to the kitchen for a snack. “Accidentally forget” about your DIY project. Come back to a smoldering pile of ashes.

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Sans Meal Plan: Overnight oats

This semester, I (stupidly) decided to take 9 a.m. classes four days a week. I can barely remember to put my pants on that early, let alone think about what to eat for breakfast, which is why overnight oats have been my savior. This simple yet delicious breakfast can be made in under five minutes the night before, and is filling enough to get you through that 9 a.m.-12 p.m. class without a single stomach grumble.



-1/4 cup dry rolled oats
-1/2 cup almond milk (or your milk of choice)
-1/2 tbs. chia seeds
-artificial sweetener or honey
-banana slices
-crushed almonds (or nut of your choice)


Combine the oats, almond milk, chia seeds, sweetener (or warmed up honey, so that it dissolves), cinnamon, blueberries, and banana in a medium sized class, mug, or jar. Mix well with a spoon. Cover with Saran wrap and store in the fridge. Chop a handful of nuts (almonds, walnuts, and pecans are popular choices), and set aside.

The next morning, just grab your oats out of the fridge, top with the chopped nuts, give it a good stir, and breakfast is served. How easy is that? 

You can also try adding peanut butter, or experimenting with different fruits and crunchy toppings. Let us know what you think!


Sans Meal Plan: Blizzard Edition


Hello and happy snow day! We hope you’re all still in your PJs, enjoying the fruits of Juno. In honor of the ridiculous amount of snow, we decided to make a ridiculously indulgent breakfast. Okay, maybe it should be called dessert, but you’re not my mom and you can’t tell me what to do!!!

What better way to pay homage to the snow than by dousing some Funfetti pancakes with flurry-like vanilla frosting and sprinkles? Below is the recipe, adapted from Tastes of Lizzy T’s.

(Makes 22 5″ pancakes, but we halved the recipe.)



  • 1⅓ cup white flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 1 box Pillsbury Funfetti cake mix
  • ⅓ cup canola oil
  • 3 eggs
  • 2⅓ cups milk
  • ⅓ cup sprinkles
  • Store-bought vanilla frosting (you could make your own if you’re feeling up to it!)

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