Chow Down Brown: Cookie decorating in the Blue Room


If there’s one thing we love here at BlogDH more than eating, it’s eating cookies. “Cookies?,” you might ask. “What on earth are you talking about?” Well, Aaron Fitzsenry is back at it again, y’all! Today at 4 p.m. there will be a table set up in the Blue Room for cookie decorating. You know what that means: frostings, chocolate chips, colored sugar, sprinkles, and every other food from your Freshman 15 nightmares.

Now, for those of us on tight budgets, cookie decorating may remind us of that wonderful time of year when our entire life savings gets spent on wrapping paper and socks for grandpa. But, the best part about this cookie decorating party is that it doesn’t cost you extra money. In fact, the Blue Room will be lowering the prices of said cookies and the cookie decorating aspect is free. That means you can use all the frosting your little heart desires without wasting those last few Flex Points you’ve been saving.

Most importantly, there will be a cookie decorating contest. Aaron will post pictures of the cookies on the Blue Room’s twitter (@brown_blueroom), and student workers will choose the top decorators who will win fun goodies including freebies. (I’m not saying it’ll be Gingerbread Man S’mores, but I’m also not not saying it’ll be Gingerbread Man S’mores.)

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 11.25.06 AM

TL;DR: Cookie decorating in the Blue Room today, submit your works of art for the chance to win Blue Room goodies, Aaron Fitzsenry is awesome.

See you there!

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Poster signing for BDS staff

sophie and manny (1)

A previous version of this post did not include a picture of Manny Gomes Jr. (pictured above), the BDS worker who recently passed away. “He worked behind the scenes at the Refectory, a really wonderful person to be around,” Aaron Fitzsenry, culinary manager for retail dining, wrote in an email to BlogDH. BlogDH sends its thoughts and best wishes to the Gomes family and the BDS staff during this difficult time. 

Let’s face it, the past two weeks have been rough. But it is exactly in these times of strife that the Brunonian community needs to come together the most. Wednesday, the BDS staff lost a beloved member of their organization. While we may be fired up about other happenings on campus, this loss is something that deserves to be recognized, especially because of its effect on the staff who take care of us every day.

In an effort to show them our gratification, BlogDailyHerald is holding a poster signing in the Underground today from 2-4 p.m. We often forget to show appreciation for the people who have fed us through blizzards, hurricanes, and lunch rushes on a day to day basis. They see us on our best and worst days and provide us with food to get us through rough times. But we must remember that they are also people–people who have feelings that deserve to be recognized, especially in a time like this.

Our goal is to show the BDS staff that we are here for them in the same way they are here for us. We may not be able to provide the nourishment that they can, but we can still reach out to them and show them we care in different ways. Besides signing the poster, definitely make sure to show your appreciation to the workers when you see them. People need people, and the little acts of kindness we can do will go a long way.

Let’s start off November the right way. Please join us in the Underground this afternoon.

Chow Down Brown: Swipe away at campus eateries

Whether you’re a dewy-eyed prospie or an experienced senior, you know that the Blue Room is one of the best places to grab a quality meal and waste all of your Flex Points. And, though the occasional pre-4 p.m. splurge may seem worth it, ending the semester with only meal credits to your name is not. Well, not to worry. Now you can start using that other piece of plastic. Yep, that’s right. The Blue Room is getting credit card machines (right in time for your parents to buy you all the muffins in the world).



“It’s what a customer wants, it’s what a customer expects,” Aaron Fitzsenry (Campus Eateries master and overall boss) explained. We met up yesterday, and he gave us the DL on this new venture. The credit card machines will also be in the Ivy Room, the Campus Market, and Poppy’s. The real machines should be here by November 1st, but until then, they’re using temporary wireless versions.

Now you’re probably wondering, how will I ever spend all this money? Turns out there are lots of specials coming up. This Saturday, the Blue Room is bringing back its apple pie floats. Yeah, you read right. Aaron’s putting a spin on root beer floats, and is instead dousing vanilla ice cream with a blend of ginger ale and spiced apple cider. Nom. And, if Aaron doesn’t get through all of his cider, there’ll be hot cider and apple crisps on Sunday. Next week, look out for Oktoberfest at the Gate. Also get psyched for Halloween, where there will be tons of candyAnd if you’re really looking ahead, the pasta action station will be at the Gate on November 6. Niiiiice.

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Chow Down Brown: Sweet specials for spring


The semester is not quite done, and neither is Aaron Fitzsenry’s culinary creativity. To send us into Spring Weekend and finals with full stomachs, he has some exciting specials planned that you won’t want to miss.

Tonight there will be a “Sweet Things Special” at Jo’s.  Games will be set up in the dining room, and you can expect chocolate-dipped strawberries and pretzels, ice cream floats with Gifford’s L.L. Bean ice creams, candy, some new varieties of fresh baked mini cookies, and grilled pound cake. At the “Three-Burners” station, Aaron will even be whipping up Bananas Foster Blondie sundaes.

Next week in the Blue Room, keep your eyes out for for Iced Coffee Floats on Wednesday, April 24. To kick off Reading Period on Friday, it will be offering Frozen Parfaits with either froyo or sherbert, fresh berries, fancy granola, and whipped cream.

Finally, on Friday, May 3, Dining Services will be throwing a BBQ Picnic on Pembroke field. According to Aaron, they will be “pulling out a grill and doing ribs, BBQ pulled chicken sliders, fresh lemonade punch, and a bunch of other things that I feel like bringing to a picnic.” 

Make sure to check out all of these events, and give Aaron a big “THANK YOU” if you happen to see him!

Chow Down Brown: Spring specials and a fried rice party


Something special is landing in the Ivy Room tonight. Because Aaron Fitzsenry “felt like Ivy Nights needed a little love in the Fried Rice department,” he decided to “make it a party.” You ready for this?

Existing items at the Fried Rice bar include: Peppers, carrots, tofu, egg.

New items to expect: Pineapple, green peas, mushroom, broccoli, sprouts, water chestnuts, baby corn.

Finishing sauces include: Sriracha, sesame Mirin sauce, sweet chili, wasabi/ginger, hoisin.

In other Brown Dining news, The Gate is going to see a “Gnocchi Gnight” sometime soon. Additionally, many of you may have noticed that Jo’s has started off the semester with a risotto bar. Design your own version—whether you add roasted red pepper coulis, basil pesto olive oil, or just have it straight up, it’s bound to be delicious. Follow-up specials will be loaded waffle fries and the crepe bar. Get excited, I know I am.

Chow Down Brown: What’s cooking at the Blue Room?

Nom worthy? I'd say yes.

Nom-worthy? I’d say yes.

There are some exciting specials coming to the Blue Room to celebrate the new year! Aaron Fitzsenry can always be trusted to keep our tastebuds guessing, and this semester is no exception.

The Blue Room has a new hot entree for Tuesday and Friday nights, the Naked Burrito. Those of you who were lucky enough might have caught a preview of this tasty dish at the end of last semester. Fortunately for those of us who missed it, it’s here to stay! According to Aaron, the culinary team at the Blue Room “will be making a few salsas and guacamole ourselves, will have some really nice new all-natural protein choices (no processing means no extra salt), and will eliminate the tortilla wrapper which saves around 220 calories and 450mg sodium!” Just think: a healthy, delicious Chipotle meal for just a Meal Credit! No frigid walk down Thayer necessary. (More updates after the jump.)

On a related note, the entree rotation is a little bit different at the Blue Room this semester. Kabob and Curry will be featured Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, and Shanghai will be avaiable on Wednesday and Sunday. Unfortunately Mama Kim’s will have to take the semester off, but we’re told that a new restaurant of her own might be in the works. Something else to look forward to? Warm naan bread as an optional extra for Kabob nights.

Stay tuned for updates from Jo’s and the Gate. Meanwhile, go grab a naked burrito and say thanks to Aaron on your stomach’s behalf.