Chow Down Brown: Andrews Commons rocks


On Monday, BlogDH had the opportunity to check out the new and improved Andrews Commons at a soft opening. We tasted food, played with drink dispensers, and generally ran around like kids in a Chuck-e-Cheese. At the beginning of the afternoon, Aaron Fitszenry, the saint of on-campus dining, warned us: “The food [here] is going to be unlike anything we’ve ever had on campus. Ever.” He most definitely lived up to his word — basically, Andrews Commons is the new holy land, and we are really excited about it. It’s truly a game-changer.

The Food: Antonio’s better watch out, because “AC” means business when it comes to pizza. We were able to try a pepper-jack cheese and chicken variety, as well as a BBQ Thai Chicken pie. The days of boring, single-topping pizzas leaving you hungry are in the past. These pies present you with an entire dinner laid out on a single slice. The chefs have truly stepped up their game with a stone hearth oven and premium ingredients including locally milled flour, organic produce, and cheese blends that we only thought existed in our sans-meal plan dreams. The new oven is also really fun to look at, because, well…FIRE! Pizza slices are topped with fresh and occasionally-unexpected ingredients like arugula and carrot shavings. Just recounting this experience is making us hungry for another slice.

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Chow Down Brown: We’re drooling at Andrews Commons’ menu

pizza at andrews commons

Most of us aren’t even back on campus yet, but one good look at Andrew Commons‘ menu had us salivating from our respective homes all over the globe.

That’s right—Andrews Commons, which is set to open Wednesday, January 22 (i.e. the first day of classes), is the latest and greatest player in the campus dining game. If Chef Aaron Fitzenry’s Twitter feed (@ChefAaronFitz) isn’t any indication, the information on the Andrews Common webpage sure is. For one, the Gate’s successor is open from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Think of it as the love child of the Blue Room and Jo’s—business by day, party by night. Equally important, its menu kicks campus eatery butt.

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A Thousand Words: Inside renovated 315 Thayer and Andrews

Many former Keeney residents were shocked when they returned to campus to find that the building received a major facelift. But this summer’s changes hardly end there.

Today’s Herald featured a spread that breaks down all of this and next summer’s housing changes, which aim to create a more uniform progression of housing from freshman to senior year. Since we’ve already given you a photo tour of the new Keeney, we now bring you inside some of the other renovated dorms.

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The Ultimate Finals Playlist

It’s that time of the year again (nope, not the holidays). You can just smell it in the air! The tensions, the nostalgia, the last minute crams. Here’s a new playlist to sum up what remains of the year, with a few minor tweaks to the lyrics you know and love (although considering my musical tastes: lyrics your dad knows and really wishes you’d love).


Post-Thanksgiving: You just got the small break you desperately needed, and oh look! you’ve returned with a sliver of hope. Little did you know how quickly the finals f**kfest begins.

The New Day (Greta Van Fleet):

♪Let the new day (ONLY UNTIL 4PM OF COURSE) shine its light on me
Shake the old way, nights too dark to see
Free tomorrow, it’s bright with something new
Believe the righteous, and it will come true ♪


Last Week of Class: “Wow, how the hell is the semester already over? I swear I was just about to go to the prof’s office hours for the first time yesterday, and form a meaningful connection for that recommendation letter I need”

“I wonder if she still remembers me from that one time we talked about climate feedbacks”

Time is fleeting friends.


Good Times Bad Times (Led Zeppelin):

♪In the days of my youth
I was told what it was to be a man
Now I’ve reached the age
I’ve tried to do all those things the best I can
No matter how I try
I find my way to do the same old jam
Good times, bad times
You know I had my share
When my soul left home
For a midterm so bad
Well, I still don’t seem to care ♪

Live the best S/NC life people!

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Tips to Make it Out of Finals Alive (On the Inside, As Well!)

Stress-beating tips from someone who isn’t qualified to give tips about stress-beating

DISCLAIMER: This is me reminding you that I don’t have a degree in medicine and/or psychology (yet)- just lots of advice that has worked for people I know.

(I’ll try to leave out the obvious ones.  I mean, everyone knows you should eat right and sleep enough.)


So… It’s officially that time of the year again. You know the one. The one where the sun sets at 4 pm and the only thing looking darker than the sky is your future. Yup, it’s finals season. Joy. Well, I don’t know about you guys, but being a procrastinator and/or a perfectionist especially sucks this time of the year. From a certified perfectionist, here are a few tips about \ beating the stress. I know they work because I haven’t used most of them and I’m always stressed, so:


Seriously. As long as you’re getting 6+ hours, it doesn’t matter if you go to bed at 4 am or 11 pm. As long as you’re not missing anything important (and most important things end before reading period), you can sleep into the day. Setting hard deadlines on a night will only stress you out- besides, no one else gets to tell you when you should be most productive. TIME IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT.

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AH(H)S: A Health-Service Horror Story

Anyone who has been to Brown Health Services probably agrees that an old chandelier that glamorous has no business hanging around a f&cking clinic. Neither does that gothic marble flooring, or suspiciously fancy (yet ancient) wooden staircase. In fact, if someone were to wander into Brown Health Services in the late hours of the night, they might even think they’d stumbled onto the set of a low-budget horror flick. I mean, sickly souls are virtually pouring out of each room during daylight… I can only imagine how much worse it gets come nightfall. In fact, if my life was  a horror movie, my experiences with Health Services might have gone something like this:

It was midnight. I pushed open the door to Brown Health Services surreptitiously. What was I doing at Health Services this late at night, you wonder? I curse you, reader, for breaking the fourth wall – but if you must know, I was there because the blog received an anonymous tip that something interesting would be going down in Health Services at midnight. Moving on…  The door creaked open with a little effort, and slammed shut behind me. I gulped, nervously – the room was pitch dark, but for a single sliver of light glinting off the cracks in the marble floor. I followed the light, but it led only to a computer asking me to sign in with my Brown ID. I rolled my eyes at my paranoia and trekked intrepidly onwards into the darkness.

Or at least, I would have. Before I could take a single step, Despacito began to play from the computer. Horrified beyond all reason, I turned to take a closer look at it. An error message had flashed up on the screen:

Trespassers will pay. No, seriously. Only Brown students allowed here. If you don’t sign in we can fine you.”

The message was followed by an image of skull and crossbones. I screamed and ran even farther inside Health Services- I would have run back out, but the director said we don’t really do common sense in horror movies- right up the rickety wooden staircase that potentially revealed my location to everyone inside the House. Oh, well. There was probably no one else in there. Whistling carelessly to myself, I turned a corner and headed into the laboratory. Before I could get to the light switch, though, I noticed something sticky on the floor. By the light of my phone (which I forgot I even had on my person until two seconds ago) I examined the liquid carefully. I gasped. It was blood! In the laboratory! Where they conduct blood tests and stick needles into people all the time! Oh, no. Someone had definitely been murdered here. I was examining the blood more closely when I unconsciously stepped forward. “Ouch!” I screamed. I’d stepped on a discarded needle. Dammit. Now my foot was covered in blood, too.

By this time, I was already shivering with fright — despite the fact that Providence was throwing one of its passive-aggressive fits and it was actually 100 degrees out on a winter night. I wanted desperately to leave Health Services- but the stubborn protagonist inside me (not literally, mind you!) wouldn’t let me leave. “I must explore more,” I said gravely, stroking a beard I couldn’t grow by virtue of the fact that I was female. But before I could do so, I felt the sole of my foot. It was soaked with blood, and it was bleeding. Heavily. More heavily than a simple needle could have made it… I needed to fix this. Frantically, I reached into my Brown backpack (AVAILABLE NOW! AT THE BROWN BOOKSTORE! FOR 1 MILLION DOLLARS ONLY!) and pulled out my laptop. Like every Brown student before me, I relied on my laptop- it had been my confidante and companion through the most daunting of adventures- whether midterms, or haunted houses. Quickly, I Googled ‘worrisome bleeding’, and clicked on the first link I saw. It was WebMD, and it told me I had menorrhagia. F@ck, I cursed mentally. Health Services was weakening me. It was draining my life-source. I was Superman and Health Services was my kryptonite. I was a homesick freshman and Health Services was my flu season – wait a second, that wasn’t quite right…

I was broken out of my reverie by a creaking noise. I crept out of the laboratory to locate the source of the sound. It was the elevator. It was opening slowly… my heart leapt into my throat. I was sweating like crazy and beginning to feel feverish, and I wished more than anything that it was daytime so I could get that checked out- but alas, to no avail. It was still dark outside. The elevator seemed blissfully unaware of my internal diatribe, and took its own sweet time opening. When it opened, there was nothing there. A chill ran down my spine. F%ck this shit, I’m out, I decided. I ran towards the elevator before it closed and pressed the ‘0’ button. Because, you know. It’s faster than the stairs. And the stairs put a lot of pressure on your knees. And – Dammit, I was just feeling lazy, okay?!? The elevator closed rapidly- more rapidly than it had opened. Already a sinking feeling was taking over my stomach. Maybe I hadn’t thought this through… I closed my eyes and prepared for death via some supernatural entity or menorrhagia- whatever took me first, I wasn’t picky, really.

However, before anything too terrible could happen, the elevator doors pinged open and released me none too graciously onto the ground floor. I ran through the labyrinthine corridors of the first floor and barrelled through the doors of Andrews House (13 Brown Street, FYI, GET YOUR FLU SHOTS NOW!) out into fresh air. Then I stopped for ten seconds to catch my breath because I hadn’t been to Nelson in like, weeks. After that, I called an Uber home so I could get away from Health Services ASAP. Reaching home, I tumbled into bed only to have terror wash over me as I realised something: I had forgotten to turn in my midterm paper…