Quarter Life Crisis: When the DFMO won’t sustain you no mo’

As a freshman, you come to college and you relearn the wonders of alcohol and grinding.  People you have never met become objects of desire because, well, how bad can he/she be?  After all, Brown admissions have already done some pre-screening. The wonders of the dance floor make-out  (DFMO) abound as you realize the freedom of partying on a weeknight and dressing up as a Sexy Anything for Halloween.  How long can this frivolousness sustain itself before we ask for more?

I’m first to expound upon the wonders and beauties of the former Fish Company.  I have systematically expedited my Wednesday night meetings for three years in the hope of letting loose down by the water.  However, as the years have progressed, I have taken to the dance floor more sparingly and begun to post up with friends, using the time to catch up with people I neglect in favor of the daily grind.  The freshmen continue to flood in, acting like live projections of my hazy memories.  It’s not about the amount of energy or even about the BAC, but about disillusionment that comes with time (Spoiler Alert: you are not going to find your significant other at the Whiskey Republic).  As we get older, what is it we seek from “going out?”

This question goes hand in hand with one we delicately put to the back of our minds on a shockingly frequent basis: How well do you know your acquaintances at Brown?  Aside from a conservative wave on the street or a nod of recognition, do you know the aspirations or even concentrations of the people with whom you rub elbows on a weekly basis?  Ways to bridge the real person-drunk person divide after the jump: Continue Reading

Editor’s note: Cashing in a nickname for a paycheck

There are two things that many of my friends – yes, people with whom I would consider myself to have meaningful relationships – do not know about me: 1) I am a leftie and 2) My real name is Jennifer.  Continue Reading