2012 in Review: Rhode Island edition

The Ocean State had its ups and downs in 2012. Here are some standout stories from across RI.

Deficit Distress: 

Batman and Robin

Providence has a lot to be thankful for in the new year. For a few months last year, it didn’t seem that the city would make it to 2013. In March Mayor Angel Taveras first announced the city faced the possibility of bankruptcy and suggested that a “category five” fiscal crisis was imminent. Taveras battled a $110 million deficit throughout the year, calling on the city’s non-profit institutions to increase their PILOT (payments in lieu of taxes) contributions. The University felt the pressure — as students, faculty and city residents called on former president Simmons to step up to the Mayor’s demands — to finalize negotiations with Taveras and in May, Simmons and Taveras jointly announced an agreement under which the University promised to contribute an additional $31.5 million to the city over the next eleven years. The city’s other universities, colleges, and hospitals have also stepped up to help close the deficit and facilitate some fiscal stability. Taveras is set to present the city’s budget for the next fiscal year on Jan. 29 during the annual “State of the City” address.

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BlogDH’s 10 most popular posts of 2012

As a means of ushering in the new year, we figured we would recap our most popular posts of 2012!

This year we lost BrownBares, Antonio’s dollar slices, Spotted@Brown, Tedeschi, and our sanity.  We invented games, stole from (and spent way too much time in) the Ratty, produced a webseries, and dressed up for Halloween. We complimented our peers, imagined The Hunger Games at Brown, and cursed the Birmingham Small Arms Company. This year certainly was one chuck full of fun and absurd happenings, and we couldn’t be happier to have had opportunity to relish in it all with you. Without further ado, here are our most read posts of 2012: Continue Reading

FlogDailyHerald: The most annoying trends of 2012

You know what really grinds my gears? End of the year lists. What were the top movies of 2012? Favorite songs? Best selling books? In the end, a lot this stuff didn’t really affect our lives that much. Sure, that middle-aged woman reading Fifty Shades of Grey on the subway that one time got a blast out of it, but did it really impact your life? (I really hope your answer is no.)

The year 2012 was chock full of trends. These were not just any trends, however. These trends have made us waste days of our time. They have made us hate humanity for creating them. Some have made us laugh. Some have made us cry out in frustration. All of them are at least somewhat regrettable. I present to you 2012’s most annoying trends:

  1. Y.O.L.O. Yes, you indeed do only live once. Glad you acknowledge it. Now shut the fuck up.
  2. Kony 2012. Where to begin? How about around 25 years ago when this whole thing actually started? Hitting a like button and buying Kony 2012 bracelets, or whatever people did, is not going to help. Good intentions, wrong avenue. Continue Reading

Time-waster of the day: December 3, 2012

Your inability to confidently answer that the above headline was featured in The Onion is a testament just how bizarre the year 2012 has been thus far. Take BuzzFeed’s “Are These Headlines Real or from The Onion” quiz to see if you’re able to discern the strangest of truths from fiction.

BlogDailyPresidentialDebate: Debate #1

Commencement 2012: Find your friends

Wish you had that photo of you and your friends leaving the Van Wickle Gates and Brunonia? We’ve got you covered. Help us help you by tagging your friends in this album of photos from Commencement. Congrats, class of 2012!