Art School(ed): A 2015 holiday gift list, brought to you by RISD alumni

Winter break is nearly upon us, and with that comes the duty of shopping for your loved ones and drafting your own holiday wish list. Enter: Art School(ed), here to offer unconventional gift ideas (for the second year running) that simultaneously support RISD alums, both newly minted and old.

For your family’s resident knit wit:
What do a woven pizza slice, a fashion world It-bag, and a quirky stuffed donkey have in common? They were all designed or handcrafted by someone who received a BFA in Textiles from RISD.
Degen socks are both merry and bright.
The winner of The Most Irreverent Gift Money Can Buy Award is a tie between Kayla Mattes’ woven pizza slices and New Friends’ beach towel patterned with sheep and dogs.

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Find your First-Year!

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As you begin your time at Brown, people will want to see what you’re up to so they can live vicariously through you. Inevitably, they will stalk your Facebook. The number one thing you need right now: parent appropriate pictures. So hide those photos from Whisco last night and show these to Mom and Pop. Like our page so you can tag your friends and hallmates here! Have a great first semester at Brown!