What to do this week: September 22 – 28


Monday, September 22:

Event: The (Dis)United Kingdom: The UK after the Referendum
Time: 5:00 p.m.
Location: Watson Institute

A discussion led by Mark Blyth, Eoin McGuirk and Fiora MacPherson on the recent vote in Scotland to remain a part of the UK and the effects of the decision.

Event: Tales From a Journalist’s Visits to Other Planets: Ken Auletta Lecture
Time: 5:30 p.m.
Location: MacMillan 117

A talk delivered by Ken Auletta, a New Yorker columnist and author of five national bestselling non-fiction books. A reception and book-signing follows.

Event: Guantanamo Bay Teach-In
Time: 7 – 8.30 p.m.
Location: List 110

Presentations by two professors and one post-doctoral fellow will discuss the problematic, ongoing existence of the US military base in Guantanamo Bay. A Q&A and discussion groups will follow.

Event: Students on Israel and Palestine: Perspectives on the Gaza War
Time: 7 – 9.00 p.m.
Location: Petteruti Lounge

Students with various connections to the situation in Gaza will be a part of a panel discussing recent events. Also moderated by students, the event hopes for a big emphasis on Q&A.

Event: IC and GISP Info Dinner
Time: 7.00 p.m.
Location: The Underground

If you’re considering making your own concentration, class, or credit-earning internship, come and learn about the processes from those who know all about it. Plus, food.

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Our cake is bigger than yours

You may or may not have caught a glimpse of Brown’s 250th anniversary cake/monstrosity last week. Without my glasses, I could behold only a blurry, brown structure before the equally-out-of-focus podiums and rainbow flags flying high on the 3rd floor of Faunce (bravo, kids). Amidst hangry students struggling to appreciate synchronized slam poetry, I could take the time to imagine what our culinary masterpiece looked like. It wasn’t just a replica of University Hall. It was a Cake Boss rival. It was the real Ace of Cakes. It was our very own sculpted dessert straight from a bona fide bakery, Oakleaf Cakes.

My imagination didn’t have to run too far, for Brown really did take the cake. After I made it tore my way through the crowd and tried the not-so-delectable treat, I researched its competition. Here are the cakes Brown surpasses (and a few we didn’t quite beat). Sorry I couldn’t sugarcoat it for you.

Unseating the Incumbent

obama cheesecake

The 500-pound inaugural cheesecake

At 650 pounds, Brown’s University Hall outweighed Obama’s inaugural 500-pound cheesecake created by Chicago-based Eli’s Cheesecake Company. The three-tiered Democratic dessert featured a replica of the Capitol Dome topped with a gold Statue of Freedom. But the part-chocolate chip, part-original plain cheesecake, crafted from 155 pounds of cream cheese, 50 pounds of butter, and 20 dozen eggs, among other gargantuan amounts of ingredients couldn’t hold a smoking candle to Oakleaf’s masterwork.


Commander-in-Chief cake weighed only 50 lbs 

The second inaugural cake made by Charm City Cakes (of Ace of Cakes fame) for the Commander-in-Chief Ball doesn’t even come close to Brown’s cake prowess. At a measly 3-4 feet to our 5 feet, the six-tiered (that’s right, six tiers couldn’t top us) red velvet, lemon poppy seed, pineapple coconut, and pumpkin chocolate chip confection weighed in at a surprising 50 pounds.

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Introducing BlogDailyHerald’s Spring Weekend 2014 tank

Now that the business of announcing the lineup is done, we can look forward to the fun that Spring Weekend’s warm weather (we hope) will bring! With that in mind, we are proud to introduce our 2014 Spring Weekend tank.

You’ll find the party on the front (with Bruno Cyrus) and business on the back (#hbdBrown). In the “250+,” we decided to feature LITERALLY every single band who has played a Brown spring weekend concert EVER. The big names are big (duh), and this year’s lineup makes up the bold border around the plus sign. Take a Chance and Diplo into your wallet to snag this tank, we promise it’s not just for the Bird[s]!

We’re launching a Teespring campaign to sell the tanks, which will cost $15 each, just like last year. The campaign will expire on March 23. We chose a higher quality heavyweight tank material so that this tank can last you forever. We’re timing the campaign so they should arrive with a few days to spare before Chance and Diplo take the stage. You can also check out this Facebook event for more information.

Happy birthday Bruno, 250 years and counting (that’s 707 in bear years)!

Love, BlogDH

Brown’s big birthday


If you didn’t already know, Brown is celebrating its 250th birthday this year – and you’re all invited!  This past Tuesday, President Paxson sent a school-wide email outlining the March launch of 15 months of events and activities in honor of Brown’s semiquincentenary (say that five times fast).  The festivities will begin on March 7-8 with the Opening Celebration on College Hill, which will include “distinguished alumni speakers and panels, gallery openings and performances and a very large birthday cake.”  A VERY LARGE BIRTHDAY CAKE.

Friday’s event will give 250 middle school students from all over Rhode Island an opportunity to participate in an academic exploration and dine at our finest eating establishment, the Sharpe Refectory.  Friday’s and Saturday’s keynote speakers will be World Bank President and 1982 grad, Dr. Jim Yong Kim M.D., Ph.D., who served as president of Dartmouth from 2009-2012, and US Secretary of Labor and ’83 grad, Thomas Perez, respectively.  Registration is required for all Opening Celebration events, so do that here.

If you’re interested in more details about the Opening Celebration or Brown’s semiquincentenary in general, you can find an anniversary events calendar on this beautiful site.  You’re also encouraged to tag your Facebook, Twitter, You-Tube, or Instagram content with #brown250, so that your posts, photos, and videos may be reposted on the website.

Again, Brown’s birthday bash begins on March 7th, and I repeat: there will be a very large birthday cake.  Show your school some love and don’t miss out!

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