VlogReviews: 3C2C

This week, VlogDH peeked into the rehearsals for 3C2C (3 Chairs, 2 Cubes), Brown’s undergraduate playwriting festival. Featuring five student-written and student-directed short plays, 3C2C presents the viewer with a healthy combination of absurd, moving, and hilarious moments that demonstrate the creative passion of all involved. 

To see the festival, swing by Production Workshop (7 Young Orchard Ave.) at any of these times: 

October 24th – 5pm

October 25th – 8pm

October 26th – 8pm

*Runtime is approximately 70 minutes.

A Cool Thing You Shouldn’t Miss: PW presents 3c2c

Looking for something to do this weekend (…or Monday night)? Look no further! Go see 3c2c, a festival of short student-directed plays produced by Brown’s only completely student run theater group, Production Workshop. 3c2c, which stands for 3 Chairs 2 Cubes, features five fantastically diverse short plays with one common feature: each play must work with an extremely minimal set that consists of a maximum of three chairs and two cubes.

This year’s short plays are “This is a Fish,” written and directed by Ari Rodiguez ’13, “Tea & Cakes,” written by Madeleine Heil ’13 and directed by Rebecca Maxfield ’13, “Shining Armor,” written by Simon Henriquez ’15 and directed by Evan Silver ’16, “About Circles,” written by Eli Petzold ’14 and directed by Alice Preminger ’14, and “Five Incarnations of King Midas as He Attempts to Right His Wrongs,” written by Thom Finley ’14 and directed by Emma Johnson ’14.

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