Spring Weekend tickets available from 8 until 8:00:01 today

To no one’s surprise, most Brown students spent about five minutes this morning, between 8 and 8:05, clicking refresh over and over again on the Brown Marketplace website. Around 8:10, most Brunonians gave up, went back to sleep, or angrily updated their Facebook statuses.

Freshman year, when I lived in Keeney, newbies to Spring Weekend ran around the halls shrieking and thinking that the problem lay in their computers or internet connections. My friends and I tried to use each other’s computers, plug in ethernets, and use different web browsers.

No upperclassmen engage in such efforts though. They’re not surprised when the BSA website crashes. In fact, I would have been more surprised if I actually walked away from my computer today with two spring weekend tickets.To be honest, I don’t know why I bothered trying…

It’s pretty absurd that most of the student body wakes up to try to get tickets when year after year the system fails. How can this be this difficult? It’s really time for a new system. Whether that means having students buy tickets in order of class year, like Banner pre-registration, or some sort of system involving a Ticket Oak, BCA needs to mastermind something new.

And, on a side note, though the cost is steeper, it’s easier to get tickets for Coachella.