8 Simple Rules for the Ratty Date

Ratty Date: [RAH-TEE DAYTE]  (n.) A pre-arranged social appointment set for a particular time in the Sharpe Refectory with a person of salacious interest.

It’s the end of the year, and whether or not you’re a senior, you still have have the urge to get scrambling. Plus, chances are, you’ve got some leftover meal credits that you may as well use up. So what better way to combine the two than the Ratty Date?

Ah, the Ratty Date — it has a lot of potential to be casual, comfortable, and/or confusing, and at some point during your Brown career, at the end of the year or not, you just might encounter it. If it sounds confusing, scary, or even strange, fear not. BlogDailyHerald is here with some helpful tips for how to face this prospect.

1. Clarify that it is, in fact, a date. It’s the Ratty, not Al Forno, so it’s entirely possible that when that cutie in your Bio class asks you if you wanna hit the Ratty after class for lunch, it’s just friendly. But don’t be too discouraged; just because it’s at the Ratty, it doesn’t mean that it’s not necessarily a date. Continue Reading