Event Hopping: Combinational theory of pollen communities and mini egg rolls

Having recently decided that I wasn’t really getting all that much marginal benefit out of slogging through MCM readings on film as a metaphor for Freudian subconscious sex desire (or something), I dropped my fourth class, leaving me with more free time than I’ve had at any time since I was, like, three years old. I needed something to fill my time, something that would be both productive and enjoyable at the same time in a way that watching twelve hours of YouTube videos isn’t. Morning Mail (slogan: “Reminding Brown students that if you’re reading this it’s time for bed”), held the key. How many intriguing offerings are there in Morning Mail every day that you never bother to check out in more depth? OK, not that many. But some. So, armed only with an insatiable hunger for free food knowledge, I set out to attend one of these events each day.

Event: Slicing Up Space–Exploring Combinational Theory
Food: Samosas and soft drinks
Summary: A lecture hosted by the Math and Applied Math DUG’s about how to cut space to create the most possible regions…Yeah, I’m already bored, too. I didn’t even get to try a samosa. But did you know you can cut a cake in 11 pieces with only four slices????
Grade: C+

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