Demystifying concentration gender breakdowns

As sophomores have (hopefully) finally declared their concentrations, they’re asking themselves many questions: Did I make the right choice? Do I actually like Orgo? What are my odds of finding lust or love within my concentration?

Below are the top ten concentrations at Brown broken down by gender enrollment. All information was obtained from the Registrar, which does not account for non-binary genders. This is the first part of a series that will explore identities within concentrations.
Apma Econ

10. Applied Math-Econ: This concentration is for the brave of the brave. Currently, 109 students have declared this concentration. The breakdown is heavily skewed towards males, constituting 65 percent of students enrolled.


9 and 8. Political Science and International Relations: With 156 concentrators in each, Brown is buzzing with political jargon at any given time of the day. Political Science is pretty evenly split, with 83 females and 73 males. International Relations, however, is heavily dominated by females who make up nearly 67 percent of all concentrators. Who says we can’t have a female president?


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Academics at Brown, as explained by Beyoncé’s new music video

Last night, Beyoncé once again shocked the nation by dropping the music video to a brand-new single, “7/11.” The song is a total jam and the video is an instant classic, featuring Beyoncé dancing around a hotel with her crew and being generally flawless. In the spirit of this exciting and incredible new release, here is the average Brown student’s academic life as explained by the “7/11” music video:


When you literally cannot study anymore.

 1. Rolling up to classes before you’ve had your coffee.

711 1

2. Rolling up to classes after you’ve had your coffee.


3. Participating in class when you did the reading.


4. Participating in class when you didn’t do the reading.

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BlogDH Explains: The first day of classes

First Day of Classes

BlogTip #1: Don’t buy your textbooks before the first day of class.

Freshmen: by now, you’ve been at Brown for at least three whole days, and you probably feel like you already own the place. You’ve figured out how to navigate your way through the Ratty, made lifelong friends at various orientation events, and maybe even learned how to throw a ping pong ball into a red solo cup. Now there’s just one little thing left to do to become a real college freshman: actually go to class. On Wednesday at 9 a.m. (don’t ask why school starts on a Wednesday, or why 9 a.m. classes exist at all), fall semester classes begin.

Every other time you’ve attended a first day of school, you’ve most likely gotten your predetermined schedule and gone to the classes listed without thinking twice. But Brown likes making us think, so the first day of classes here is unlike any other. You can go to ten different classes based on whatever strikes your fancy, or grab the syllabus in a couple classes for your concentration and then dip out, or anything in between.

Whichever shopping strategy you go for, the first day of classes can be one of the most overwhelming days at Brown. Last year the day was a blur, not just because I shopped a class every hour, but also thanks to the Providence rain gods’ sick sense of humor. Even if they decide to give us a break this year, the first day is bound to be crazy. Here are a few tips to get through the mayhem:

  1. Plan out the classes you want to go to in advance. If you’ve spent all summer on Banner finding the coolest-sounding classes, great; if not, this is what your advisor and Meiklejohn are for. It’s tough to browse the course scheduler on your phone while looking up concentration requirements and checking out The Critical Review at the same time, so try to do all that before you’re rushing between classes. You don’t want to miss the first meeting of a class you know you have to take–you might miss something important or even jeopardize your spot. Continue Reading

BlogDH Explains: Academic Advising



At this point, you’ve moved into your humble abode with your new roommate. You’ve experienced the awkward circles of eager freshmen that form at the Ice Cream Social. You might have even experienced your first college party. You’re thinking, “this is [insert expletive of choice] great!” While you’re experiencing all of these things for the first time, it’s easy to forget the reason why you came here: to learn. Luckily, we’re here to remind you.

Classes start this Wednesday, September 4. Fear not, however, for you won’t be entering the process blindly. At Brown we have a comprehensive academic advising system for freshmen called the Meiklejohn Peer Advising Program. Each of you has a Meiklejohn (pronounced like pickle but with an “m”) who is an older student that has gone through everything you’re about to experience. Your Meik is the ultimate source of knowledge for you and the most valuable resource for all things related to Brown. If don’t know something, your Meik can point you in the direction someone who does.

In addition to your Meiklejohn, you have an academic advisor who will help you decide what classes to take, as well as what steps you should be taking to accomplish your goals (or even help figure out what your goals actually are). Tomorrow morning you’ll meet both of your advisors for the first time. Here are a couple tips to keep in mind when you meet them:

  1. Open up to your advisors. Actually give them the chance to get to know you. As a freshman, it’s easy to want to seem like you know what you’re doing. The truth is that most of the time you’re lost. And that’s perfectly fine. The advising program is here to help you! Your Meik and faculty advisor can help you best when they truly know you, your academic and extracurricular interests, and your concerns. Continue Reading

Useless Rankings: Brown tops BuzzFeed’s “Sexiest, Smartest Colleges” list

Yes, BuzzFeed went there and we emerged victorious. Click to enlarge.

Yes, BuzzFeed went there and we emerged victorious. Click to enlarge.

Think you’re sexy, cute and fucking smart to boot? BuzzFeed has now confirmed your hubris. According to an index derived from useless rankings from Forbes and DateMySchool, Brown is the Sexiest, Smartest College in the United States of America. With 5th place hotness and 19th place academics, Brown crowded out several other Ivies (including Harvard and Princeton) and the notoriously sexy-smart (?) Carnegie Mellon for the top spot. Take a stomp around the Main Green and breathe in the sultry intelligence that is the Brown student body. Raise your eyes from your computer in the AQR and check out the nubile nerds that populate its silent space. And tonight while you’re making love to a stunning coed, recite some of Plato’s Symposium for good measure.

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