The best club (names) at Brown

The second semester activities fair is tomorrow tonight, and if you went first semester (ehem, freshmen), you’ll know it’s a completely intimidating affair with hoards of people crowded into a narrow space and hundreds of upper classmen demanding your email if you so much as glance at their poster. So, if you choose to forgo second semester activities in the much more civilized Alumae Hall (or just forgot), never fear! Brown has a nifty interface called BearSync that lists all of the 400+ clubs in a Facebook style fashion with a profile and a newsfeed of current happenings. And if that’s still too much for you to handle, some Brown clubs have particularly creative names that you should join for the sole purpose of being able to tell someone with a straight face you are a part of the ARRR!!! Club (said with truth enthusiasm).


                 Proof of first semester madness

Beard Appreciation Society: I would imagine this club is a must for any semi-hipsters school. Their profile page claims to critique famous facial hair and discuss beards in the news and social media, and you don’t even need to have facial hair! While it’s unclear if any of that actually happens or not, the name will definitely make you chuckle.


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Anti-Slump: The other side of the table


Tip to resist the Slump: Remind yourself what a dweeb you were last year.

You’ve been warned about the Sophomore Slump. I’ve been warned about the Sophomore Slump. We’ve all been warned about the Sophomore Slump. As my first year at Brown drew to a close last spring, a preemptive sense of nostalgia crept over me. It was surely all downhill from here.

I returned this semester as a sophomore, teeth gritted against the inevitable plunge in motivation. No matter several positive developments—I had a nice room, I had friends, I could locate Smitty B on a map—I expected my life to turn sour at any moment.

There is still plenty of time left for me to lose all sense of purpose, but so far sophomore year has been a marked improvement over freshman year. Take the Activities Fair, for example.

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How to get yourself off that email list

So, it happened again. You wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy and check your emails to see 23 completely irrelevant messages hovering in your inbox. Then you just want to throw your phone against a wall because if there’s no sign of free Kabob and Curry, you don’t really give a shit.

The annual activities fair is a chance for you to reinvent yourself via various forms of dancing, post-modern non-heteronormative friendship circles, and advocacy for diseases you thought were eradicated around the time of the Black Death. You sign yourself up for, like, twenty too many things — new semester, new you! — and you begin to refamiliarize yourself with an inbox so full that if you didn’t wake up with a headache, you sure as well have one now.

The closest I come to tech-savvy is wiping down my laptop with makeup remover pads once every two months, so it should be no surprise that I have zero clue how to remove myself from a listserv. That being said, I’ve had to send my fair share of “sorry, I decided I don’t want to join your weekly friendship circle” emails. If you’re in that sticky situation — or, perhaps, the group you’re trying to consciously uncouple from has an email list and not a listserv — here’s my go-to “c ya” email. Because, obviously, we would never want to be rude.

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BlogDH(Panel) Explains Orientation

Ah, orientation—that week before your freshman year when you can attend an array events all built around the copious opportunities to awkwardly introduce yourself to hundreds of people and hope a few become your best friends. But those events are not all created equal. Here’s BlogDH’s preview of the Orientation calendar’s greatest hits.

Paxson’s Welcome
It might feel like you’ve already been welcomed by the entire Brown community, but the official welcome from President Christina Paxson is a must. The class of 2018 is only the second one to be treated to the Pax’s wisdom, so consider yourselves Paxsoneers. Get to the Main Green early to save seats in the shade for yourself, your parents, and maybe even your first-day-friends if you’re feeling the welcoming spirit. Cheers of “Pax on Pax on Pax!” are encouraged as the Prez steps up to the podium. Try to contain the excitement of being surrounded by your 1500 classmates for the first time and actually listen to the president’s words. Having just completed her own “freshman” year, she’s sure to give some valuable frosh advice. After the speech, don’t miss out on a photo-op behind the podium on the Faunce steps: it makes for a great (if slightly pretentious) first Brown mupload.
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Pre-frosh give their first impressions of Brown


We sell our site REALLY well.

At the ADOCH activities fair, BlogDH’s editors set up shop to peddle our wares (read: we gave out stickers and showed off the 15 Hottest Freshmen post) to pre-frosh. We also asked them to give us a couple words detailing their first impressions of Brown. Here’s some of what they came up with:

  • Cold, great atmosphere, friendly
  • Brown (literally), furiously intellectual
  • friendly, open, kind, energetic, smart
  • fresh
  • creative
  • f*** yeah
  • Great people
  • Home
  • YAS
  • Awesome, hot people

Sounds like a pretty cool school! Hope to see all you pre-frosh on campus next semester.

Image via Danielle Perelman ’17

How I got my swag back: the Mid-Year Activities Fair

So. Many. Flyers.

So. Many. Flyers.

The Mid-Year Activities Fair does not get a lot of publicity. It makes sense, because joining a new extra curricular second semester is usually reserved for frosh and the upperclassmen who are having existential crises because they just broke up with their old extracurriculars and want to fill the void with new ones. For me, however, any gathering of trifold posters and free pens is a perfect excuse to snag goodies. I will confess that I had no intention of picking up any new hobbies. My goal (like always) was to steal shit that was already being given away, and get my mojo back.

aerial arts 2

This year’s fair was in Alumnae Hall, which was a bit awkward, because the last time I was in there was for SPG. Even more awkward, Aerial Arts was doing a demonstration on the stage… which they also did at SPG. Did someone mistake this for Throwback Thursday? Slightly disappointed by the lack of lingerie the students around me were wearing, I took the plunge into the equally sweaty and far less sexual mob. Let’s take a look at my haul:

Tech House: With a table covered in a Settler’s of Catan board and Nintendo 64 Cartridges, tech house had a very inviting setup. They had no freebies to give me, but I settled for the implied offer that I can come by and play drunk Pokemon later this semester.

That an axe is an heirloom, not even kidding.

That axe is an heirloom, not even kidding.

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