The Anti-Slump: Finding your purpose


What do you desire? What gives you purpose? This type of internal questioning can be found in everything from ancient philosophy to a seemingly innocuous Rick and Morty episode. In the latter instance, Rick creates a machine that produces “Meeseeks” used for a single task, who then disappear. However, when one cannot fulfill a task, it notices a lack of direction in its short life and descends into psychotic fits and depression. It’s a metaphor for a life without purpose — or your potential slump.

College is a time of exploration — emotionally, socially, academically — and sophomore year is a time to keep exploring while actively searching for purpose in all of these arenas. It’s incredibly important at this youthful stage in our lives to question ourselves, and often, to find out what really makes us tick as individuals.

In order to enjoy yourself socially, do you love meeting new people, branching out, learning about one person on a deeper level, or learning more about yourself? What field of academics do you really lose yourself in — is it architecture, investments, coding, or writing poetry?  Continue Reading

Disney World from 6 feet up aka “A young adult does Disney”


50 foot drop like a boss

When you hear “Disney World,” you think real life characters, parades, rides and moving trash cans. You also reminisce about the good old days, when a simple VHS tape would keep you entertained for an entire rainy afternoon, nay, for entire weeks, as Hakuna Matata was looping endlessly in your head. Your friends in school would all brag about this World they had been to, this magical place where the castles were real and the fun endless. And then, if you were lucky, one day, your parents plopped you in the car for what seemed like ages until, all of a sudden, Mickey Mouse heads started appearing out of nowhere, and many modes of transport later, you were part of the magic.

A few years later, the park didn’t seem that exciting anymore — the roller coasters weren’t very big, the lines could be outrageous, and for that price you might as well go all out at the mall with your friends. So when I was invited over spring break to spend a day at THE Disney World instead of burning under the sun lying on a sandy beach, I was a bit hesitant. Luckily though, I chose to go (that’s me on the left, middle row above) with five Brown friends, and here’s why the experience was significantly better than it was years ago, after the jump. Continue Reading