10 ways to be a competent airplane traveler


We have almost reached our much-needed spring break! If you’re traveling by air this spring break (or ever plan on flying in the future), I beg you: be a competent traveler. Please.  If Home Economics was still a class in high school, there should be a chapter on airport and plane etiquette. While I love flying (especially the people watching), it also makes me bitter by the time I actually make it to my destination. Here are a few tips to make your travels, and your fellow passengers’, a much more enjoyable experience:

1. Weigh your bags before you get to the airport.

Airlines use any opportunity to snag another buck from you, so you can save yourself the overweight luggage fee!

But also, if I’m trying to board my flight on time, and you’re opening your checked bag deciding what you’re going to shove into your carry on so you won’t be charged, you need to reevaluate your life. Generally, 50 pounds is the max weight. Don’t throw a tantrum with the poor attendant because you went a few pounds over. If you weighed it at home, you can decide what to remove and save the people behind you in line and the attendant the trouble.

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