Amuse-Bouche: Amy’s Place

Wickenden is littered with restaurants to satisfy just about any craving. For every Ethiopian/Cambodian/similarly exotic spot is a casual, good ol’ American joint. Z Bar, Café Zog, and Amy’s Place rub elbows within a one-block radius, so it can be hard to decide where to go when you’re stricken with a sandwich or snack craving. Amy’s sets itself apart from the others with its peachy quaintness, which calls to mind an image of Amy herself as, perhaps, your kooky aunt.

Amy’s is the kind of place that you can envision yourself frequenting on the weekends. Its super casual atmosphere with equally casual food is suitable for both brunching with family and nursing a hangover. Breakfast is served all day, and you know the drill: eggs any style; omelets; bacon and sausage; French toast and pancakes. You can do better than an omelet–eggs aren’t quite fluffy enough, veggies inside aren’t quite resplendent enough–but they’ve also got bagels and housemade muffins that can be tossed on the grill, à la Loui’s. The home fries, with their ethereal, crispy little bits, do not disappoint, nor does the big bowl of yogurt with golden granola and “kiwi, mango, granola, and whatever other fruit we have that day.” Nothing you haven’t seen before, but a nice start to your day all the same. Continue Reading