Where in the world is Carmen Senior-diego?


As a senior, I am worried that once I leave Brown I won’t have any college grads to mingle with. I mean, who knows if anyone really lives in this town called New York City?

Thanks to this new Facebook page “Brown ’13: Put yourself on the Map,” I’m able to see where other graduating seniors are living next year. The instructions ask the seniors to go to the appropriate Google Maps page and click on the city/state/country where they will be living next year. The student then writes their name as well as their location. If they would like, they can describe their job or plans for next year.

The map is a very creative idea and allows seniors to see the wide range of places and fields in which people are working. Another bonus is that you can connect with people, those whom you may have been acquaintances or colleagues with, and develop a more authentic friendship on the foundation of your Brown roots.

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BlogWeeklyJamz: “Her CD changer’s full of singers that are mad at their dad”

Indie – Sufjan Stevens – “Mr. Frosty Man”
I worship Sufjan Stevens. This guy is simultaneously (a) the strangest hipster of all time and (b) possibly a manifestation of all goodness in the world. Here’s the awesomely gory video for “Mr. Frosty Man” off his upcoming Christmas-themed box set, “Silver & Gold.” Additionally, the “Sufjohn Stevens Christmas Sing-A-Long: Seasonal Affective Disorder Yuletide Disaster Pageant on Ice” Christmas tour, (not making that up) is coming to Providence!

Middle School Pop Punk Banger – Bowling for Soup – “Girl All The Bad Guys Want” 
So much angst I straight up didn’t understand as a 13 year old, but I totally empathized with the nerdy dude who only “got’s a moped … moped… moped.”  I think that I learned what a moped was in 2007.

Hip-Hop – Kendrick Lamar – “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe”
It took me such a long time to figure out he was saying “vibe.” Bitch don’t kill my fight? Bitch don’t kill my vit(amin)? Continue Reading