Time-waster of the day: February 12, 2013

The Blobfish. WTF, Evolution?

The Blobfish. WTF, Evolution?

Most of evolution’s creatures are beautiful and majestic, whether it be the ferocious tiger or the graceful, galloping gazelle. Then there are the animals that evolution created after it got schwasty at the GCB and subsequently devoured a pot brownie. The tumblr WTF, Evolution? writes humorously about these animals, from a scary-looking elephant seal to a pelican that looks like a urinal. WTF, evolution?

Did you really read Morning Mail? Cat video edition

Now that finals are approaching, you’ve probably spent a lot more time on the internet. If you’re at all like us, you have probably spent a significant portion of this time watching videos of cats. Cats flushing toilets, “speaking” out of story booksactually speaking, running on treadmills, or even playing ping pong –we’ve seen it all.

But why are we so taken with watching our furry friends do human-like things in three-minute videos? Brown’s Mellon Sawyer Seminar, entitled “Animal Magnetism: The Emotional Ecology of Animals and Humans,” will use some animal videos to take a closer look at why we are drawn to these clips and why humans anthropomorphize their pets. The commentators will include faculty from Archaeology, Anthropology, Classics, CLPS, History, Egyptology, and several other departments who will provide various viewpoints about human relationships with pets and human-animal interactions. Continue Reading

Study break of the day: December 15, 2011

Because everything cute is Japanese

Yes, that's a cat giving another cat a massage.

There’s no record of anyone dying from an OD of cuteness (yet), but if anyone’s feeling up to the task, there’s Cute Roulette. Joining the plethora of websites featuring the distracting adorableness of the animal kingdom, Cute Roulette brings you and a puppy falling asleep (oh boy can we sympathize), a panda playing soccer (it’s like watching two fat black and white fluffballs roll each other around), and a cat trying to fit into a water bottle (because the internet isn’t complete without a healthy dose of feline).

Not to be confused for that other roulette, which is probably definitely NSFW.

Goodbye productivity, hello adorable hugging cats.

Herald Spillover: Alligators, hedgehogs and bunnies … in dorm rooms?

Chubbs the gator hangs out on the bottom shelf of Derrick Duquette 12.5's TV stand.

If you don’t already know all about  the exotic pets some students keep in their dorm rooms, then clearly you didn’t read Wednesday’s Herald.

While the article has all the hilarious stories from students who’ve kept alligators, hedgehogs and bunnies in their rooms — as well as warnings from ResLife about the health and safety problems that pets can cause — newspapers have limited space, and we couldn’t fit in all the photos we got.

Fortunately, BlogDH has got you covered. After the jump, we have EVEN MORE PET PHOTOS! And some of them are really cute. Continue Reading

Time-waster of the day: December 1, 2010

It’s everybody’s favorite kind of time-waster — one involving outrageously cute baby animals! Zoo Borns brings you the most adorable creatures born in zoos and aquariums around the world. Maybe the cuteness will distract from the grey weather and all the work you should be doing.

Time-waster of the day: September 27, 2010

Learn about weirdo animals like that one, and many many more over at the Animal Review. It may be a bit more informational than your typical time-waster, but it does come with funny and/or adorable pictures of animals!